7 Thing You Didn’t Know About Commercial Shopfitters

Hiring a commercial shopfitter will give you more than a good looking and functional shop or office. The truth is, a good shopfitting expert will help you save time and money, if you know what they can actually do for you.

From helping you save money and time now in your initial build to helping you save on these things and more well into the future, knowing what your commercial shopfitter can

If you’re about to hire a shop fit out expert, brush up on these 7 things you didn’t know about commercial shopfitters and how they can save you time AND money!

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7 Ways Commercial Shopfitters Can Help You Save Time & Money

1. Make the best use of space.

So, you found your dream shop or office location, but now it’s time to make it work with your needs, budget and branding — and you’re stuck?

A commercial shopfitter is an expert in designing layouts that work for fitting in storage and displays for stock, furniture for staff, point of sale desks, staff kitchens and keeping it looking good at the same time.

Commercial designers will work with you to find out what you need, how much you can invest in getting it right and combining it with the ‘vibe’ of your business so you and your customers will walk in and say, “WOW!”

2. Save on long-term construction costs.

Woah, put down the Swedish-made shelf and step away from the screwdriver. While it may sound like doing your own shop or office fitout will save you money, in the long-run you may find you end up spending more.

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Commercial shopfitters are installing shelves, making furniture, setting up displays, building kitchens and more all the time. This means they know where to go and have the connections to get good-quality materials for less than you can get your hands on them. Plus, those better-quality desks, shelves, walls, toilets, etc. will last longer, meaning less cost over time in replacing them when they break!

Plus, do you know a torx screw is? Your shopfitter will!

3. Install eco-friendly office materials now, save later.

Choose environment-friendly materials and save money on energy bills, water use and more over time. You may not think about it at this stage when you’re setting up your office or shop, but commercial shopfitters know the drill.

They can help you decide which paints to buy for walls, what kind of lighting will work best for the space and guide you in choosing furniture made from sustainable sources. Plus, they’ll be able to find eco-friendly materials that meet your budget so you don’t have to splash out too much right now!

4. Get as unique as you like.

Your shop or office design should be unique and reflect your brand. A commercial shopfitter can help you create that uniqueness without breaking the bank!

One of the most common ways to make a statement about your brand on a lower budget is to build a custom reception or point of sales desk. A commercial shopfitter will help you find the materials that best suit your brand vibe, while still being practical and affordable, and will even carry out the design and build for you.

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Shopfitters also know the materials that will last the longest for your environment. For example, some woods may not be the best in high-humidity climates or environments (like a hair salon). But there may be wood alternatives to get you the look you want.

5. Make sure everything is compliant.

One of the important things a commercial shopfitter is trained to do is ensure that all installations meet safety standards and OH&S regulations. You may think you’re doing just fine by yourself, but if you don’t have the qualifications and experience of a shopfitter, then you could end up paying more for non-compliances than what it would have cost to hire a commercial shopfitter in the first place.

6. Get ongoing maintenance and repairs done quickly.

A good commercial shopfitter will know when something needs replaced or repaired, but they’re also the people to call if something does break down after the initial fit out is complete.

Whether it’s shelves falling off walls, cabinets needing re-aligning or other commercial maintenance tasks that need doing on your fitout from time to time, this is where having an experienced shopfitter on hand will save you money over time.

When looking for quality shopfitters in Australia, make sure they have done their research into local OH&S regulations and have project managers to liaise with any centre or building management too.

6. Ensure you open on time!

Last, but not least, commercial shopfitters know how to get the job done on time AND within budget. If you’ve ever done a fitout before you’ll know that when one thing isn’t ready, it can hold up other tasks which can blow out your opening date and potentially cost you more money.

“A good project manager or shopfitter should be able to spot potential problems ahead of time and help manage them so they don’t affect the timeline and budget too much.”

7 . Receive expert advice on what works and what doesn’t.

Finally, commercial shopfitters are experienced in the industry and can provide invaluable advice on what’s currently trending, where to buy good quality materials for less, and which design elements will work best for your brand. This kind of up-to-date knowledge means you won’t waste money or time getting it wrong — which is a win-win in every way!

Now you know 7 things a commercial shopfitter can help you with…

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Finding an experienced shopfitter in gold coast is essential if you want to open your office or shop with maximum efficiency and minimum stress. With these 7 things in mind, now you know how a commercial shopfitting team can save you time AND money when setting up your business.


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