Tips to Design Cool Breakout Spaces for your Office Staff

It’s no secret that gone are the days where a basic lunchroom and central meeting table were enough to offer staff as breakout spaces beyond their work desk.

The current trend for innovative breakout spaces is on an intense incline. It’s practically a standard requirement these days, and companies are getting more innovative at building exciting and dynamic recreational spaces into their offices.

This allows workers to seek reprieve from their work desk and recharge their batteries.

So how can you build an innovative breakout area into your office to keep your staff extra happy?

  • Be bold with your choices

    These days, office breakout spaces need to be fun, playful and very different from the remainder of the office to hit the mark. The intent is to give staff a break from the remainder of the office, so choose a different colour palette to your main brand, build in a mix of textures for visual variety (such as timber, glass and wallpapers) and offer different, more casual furniture that feels inviting and relaxed.

  • Encourage play

    Build-in elements of fun throughout the fitout, such as an area for social gatherings, relaxed lounging spaces or even a gaming area. Offering games will assist workers in unwinding from the stress of the workplace, and will allow them to return to their desk with a refreshed approach. Games that are directed towards multiple players such as ping pong or foosball also build morale and instil a team focus. These are great incentives to encourage staff to hang around longer on a Friday afternoon too for social interaction.

Young Office Workers Playing Table Soccer

  • Offer comfort

    Incorporating comfortable and inviting lounge-style furniture into your fitout is perhaps the most important (and staple) element of any successful recreation space. Comfortable furniture is one of the fastest and easiest ways to encourage staff to unwind and recharge their minds and chat with other team members before returning to their desk. The action of getting up from your regular work chair, moving to a relaxed environment and reclining in a lounge-style chair is said to cause a significant shift in mood which in turn encourages the mind to recharge.

  • Go green

    Greenery softens a space. Building plant boxes into your fitout is both cost and visually effective and instantly creates a friendly and inviting atmosphere. It also clearly differentiates the recreational space to the remainder of the office fitout. To take this one step further, green walls are a great way to add additional visual impact as they act as incredible focal points and are also said to soothe and boost oxygen levels too!

Cleverly designed breakout spaces with bold colour choices, greenery, playful opportunities and comfortable furniture options are a wonderful way to build staff morale and encourage team members to take a break, recharge their batteries and return to their roles refreshed. AC Fitouts, shop fitters gold coast, are experts in creating these spaces for our clients and their staff. Talk to one of our experienced team members today about keeping your staff happy with cleverly designed breakout spaces.


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