Next level impact walls for Office, Shop and Medical Fitouts

It’s a case of out with the old and in with the new when it comes to replacing simple painted walls, with bold feature graphics, acrylic or glass panels, lighting installations or fabric walls.

From small urban office to major medical fitouts, stand out wall solutions are an impactful and cost-effective way to bring patterns, written statements, images and photography to otherwise empty spaces to catch the eye, help in wayfinding, motivate or set a point of difference.

While this may seem like nothing new, think again – a new world of adventurous and highly innovative graphics are now being offered to bring next level impact to your fitout project.

In addition to their practical advantages, large feature walls and printed graphics can relate directly or indirectly to your brand through colour scheme, corporate patterns, team slogans, brand promises or aspirational words for both staff and customers.

This is an effective way to build visual strength to your brand, reinforcing your brand promise and improving the impact your fitout.

As experts in fitout requirements across all sectors, AC Fitouts are noticing these top three trends in fitout feature walls and graphics in 2021;

1. Partially acrylic panel and glass panel graphics:

These panels are on trend as provide both a practical and visually pleasing solution to divide spaces, most commonly in the medical and commercial sectors.

A clever application of graphics to these panels adds a space-dependent strong or subtle visual impact.

These graphics add an additional dimension to otherwise ‘empty’ walls and panelling and can also act as directional aids or wayfinding cues.

Clients are able to select between opaque, translucent or transparent to complete block out film, depending on the level of privacy needed.

2. Backlit panels and walls:

Lightwalls and backlit panels are a striking way to illuminate both a feature wall or area and the surrounding space.

Clever lighting techniques are being utilised to highlight particular products or areas within a fitout creating a visual impact that is welcoming and on trend.

With an overlay of technology, light installations can now move or interact with customers to create a real ‘wow’ factor!

Feature graphics are being lit from behind and major lightwalls are used to illuminate entire walls, capturing enormous attention.

Bright and luxury european children dentistry clinic

3. Changeable frames and fabric walls:

A cost-effective and easy solution for any company requiring continual refreshing of graphics, changeable panels and fabric walls are also an on-trend option to bring graphics to a space without permanency.

Fabric framing systems are becoming more flexible and allow fabric and other materials to be stretched over a frame and magnetically fix in place to appear permanent, but can be changed easily and cost efficiently.

Colour scheme or branding changes, or promotional messages can be printed on very large format fabric for installation as often as necessary.

These impactful solutions are visually striking and provide enormous benefit to your fitout project.

The AC Fitouts team are confident in their ability to;

Boost your Brand – Use these fun vibrant ways to further instil your logo and brand message into the minds of staff and consumers;
Enhance team culture – Incorporating inspirational messages into graphics or simply including dynamic visual artwork will boost morale within the space;
Connect with clients – Strong visuals stay in people’s minds. By conveying a message or offering a visual artwork for clients to enjoy and contemplate, you are able to better connect with your clients on a deeper and more impactful level.

Talk to an AC Fitouts specialist, shop fitters gold coast, about incorporating impactful feature walls and graphics in your fitout project.

We pride ourselves on our comprehensive approach keeping every project on time, on budget and embedding the “WOW” factor to every delivery.


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