What do dentists need from a shop fitout?

No two dental practices are the same. Every dental practice must be unique and functional while being an aesthetically pleasing and appealing space to be in. It’s challenging to design a warm and welcoming space that your clients love to visit, and your team loves to work. 

The design of a dental practice needs to include a few vital concepts to achieve that delicate balance of functionality, personal preference, and aesthetics while incorporating the requirements of a dental practice. 

Here are a few factors the affect dental fitouts:

  • Type of dentistry
  • Spacious room layout
  • Number of dentists
  • Number of chairs 
  • Treatment rooms
  • Surgery unit
  • Waiting rooms

Design Ideas for a Dental Practice

The space you design should stand out in a crowd and meet the industry standards and regulations at the same time. Here are a few design practices to follow:

Understated and Elegant

Rather than the ostentatious designs, the current trend is more minimalistic with an elegant look. 

Both cramped and luxurious spaces can adopt the understated look with a few key pieces and wow the customers and employees alike. 

Relaxing Environment 

Gone are the days when a dentist chair is ominous and scary. 

People expect the office to be welcoming and one way to achieve that is by adapting curved lines instead of sharp lines and right angles. 

Start with a curved reception desk illuminated by a light fixture and finish with wall hangings. 


Dental visits can be fraught with anxiety for many people. It is not uncommon to fear the drill, having your teeth pulled out, or a mouth full of cavities. 

A visit to the dentist is something that most of us only do once a year and it comes as no surprise that it has become an anxious experience for some people. 

With the right colour scheme, you can put your patients at ease and bring a much-needed sense of peace and serenity. 

Go for soft and muted natural colours to create a relaxing environment for the patients. 

Natural Lighting

However great your colour scheme is, it will only look its absolute best when paired with a beautiful lighting system.

Try incorporating natural lighting as much as possible with windows, glass doors and skylights.

Natural lighting not only reduces your energy bills but also gives the space a welcoming feel. 

Hospital waiting room

Waiting Rooms

In many a case, the waiting room is where uneasiness and nervous energy is at the maximum. 

With carefully chosen design elements, you can create a pleasant and welcoming environment, while adding a sense of relaxation and calmness for patients. 

Start with the reception area; make it lively with plants and other greenery. 

Then add some magazines and newspapers to read (pending COVID19 guidelines), or a TV and WiFi to keep idle minds occupied until they’re ready to be seen by the dentists.

If you are a family dental clinic, who treats children, add a small play area to one corner to keep them engaged too. 

Providing a goodie bag at the end of a visit will help your patients to walk out of your office with another reason to be pleased with service they received and look forward to their next visit, who doesn’t love a present.

Consultation Rooms

Your consultation/surgery rooms should not be anything less than functional and practical, but that doesn’t have to come at the expense of style and aesthetics.

With sufficient storage for your medicines and equipment, practitioners can have everything they need at their fingertips without having to go rummaging around for supplies in another room.

Make sure you include state of the art technologies making the patient experience one of a kind.

White walls work the best, but you can also add strategically placed paintings to offset that clinical look.


A dental practice need not be as scary as it was in the past. 

A few design changes during the fitout can make it feel welcoming with a distinctly modern touch. 

The waiting room should be designed with the same care as the surgery, to create a pleasant and cohesive patient experience.

Ensure you enlist the help of a fitout company that specialises in dental practice fitouts like shop fitters gold coast to ensure that your office space is efficient and productive for your employees, and calming for your patients.


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