Do I need an Electrical Plan for my Commercial Fitout?

Yes you do! Put simply, don’t leave it on the end of the “to do” list.

In any Commercial refurbishment, there are very specific needs when it comes to electrical matters.

It is vital to plan for them early in the process so that your fitout builder knows in advance, how to run wiring through walls and ceilings and will be aware of any upgrades to the current power board.

In your workspace, shop, surgery or cafe, there may be special equipment necessary for you to run your business:

Things like pie warmers, hair dryers, autoclaves, grinding machines. Make sure you do an audit of that equipment when you plan your refit so that the builder knows about it.

Sometimes we hear, “ But we’ll just walk through later on and point out where things should go”.

Not really. In renovation or refurbishment it is even more tricky than with a new build.


Because there are walls and ceilings already in place which can make life difficult and expensive when electrical wiring needs to run through them. Good planning for a commercial refit is vital.

A quality Licenced Fitout Builder can guide you through the process but you should really have at least a rough plan sorted out to cater for your present and future commercial business needs.

male electrician-technician, connects the equipment with a tool

Here’s a helpful checklist to get started:

  • How many regular Power Points ( GPO’s) do I need right now and how many for growth?
  • Where should they be positioned? On the skirting , above bench height, or in other positions?
  • What about the location of the Hot Water System in my office fitout?
  • What are the Staffroom Appliances I’m needing ? Microwave, Fridge, Coffee Maker?
  • Any Special Plant or Equipment like Autoclaves, Xray machines, Deep Fryers or Hair Dryers being used in my
  • Does any of this equipment have special power needs in my new fitout?
  • Is there already a Safety Switch installed on the premises? If not, I need one!
  • Do I need to relocate the Power Board in my shop or office renovation?
  • What about the electrical needs for my Server?

Plan, Plan, Plan

If you communicate your needs in advance of your commercial renovation, the upgrade of your electrical requirements can save you time and money.
Talk to your fitout builders about your next refurbishment or new build and we can work on how we can pull together a new electrical layout. At all times, and in all things electrical, there’s a guarantee of quality and safety.


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