Can a Dental Fitout Design Increase Revenue?

In Australia it’s not uncommon for a brand new dental fitout to be expensive especially once you factor in expenses like dentist chairs and scanning equipment. 

To cut costs maybe you want to consider redesigning an old dental practice instead.

While old decor and peeling paintwork do not equate to a low quality dental pracitce, you’d be surprised how many people judge the practice based on appearance alone. 

Naturally you can spend all your budget on the fitout alone and neglect having important medical equipment ready to assist patients.

But it may make you wonder how much of an impact the fitout can have on business revenue.

Add New Clients

A new dental fitout can help the clinic stand apart from the other practices in the region and attracts new clients, especially if you are in an affluent area.

If the internal fitout is modern, comfortable and luxurious then patients who aren’t loyal to their current dentist may be more inclined to try somewhere new.

With a modern and high-quality interior, you can make a statement which then translates to new patients giving an edge against your rivals. 

Create a Professional Brand Image 

A dental practice also needs a good brand image, one that speaks for your dental practice.

A new fitout can help you reinforce the corporate image and also the company values.

Maybe you want to focus on being a family practice or a child-friendly clinic; whatever it is, your fitout can help you put out the word. 

Teeth checkup at dentist's office. Dentist examining girls teeth in the dentists chair

The interior design can speak volumes for your surgery and help the right clientele trust your business more easily.

As time goes on this will likely result in them being more willing to spend money at your practice.

Your Patients Feel Treasured

Your existing clients are also capable of brining in more revenue to the business too.

A new fitout design is also bound to impress them and increase customer satisfaction during their next visit.

Upgraded interiors and thoughtful features like comfortable waiting rooms, good facilities, a homey feel, etc., make them feel valued as customers. 

A new fitout can boost staff morale, improve the image, and make a great impression on your client.

Comfortable lighting, colours and decor in your dental fitout can bring in a familiar and casual vibe rather than a sterile, unfriendly clinic.

Repeat patients make for a successful practice and also an excellent word of mouth recommendations that will attract more new patients. 

Boost the Staff Morale

While making the clients feel valued, don’t forget about your staff.

Dental practitioners and assistants spend most of their time confined within walls of the practice.

A good dental fitout boosts the staff morale and makes their life easier since it helps to meet their daily needs from a practical point of view, while making them feel special and excited to come to work in such a beautiful environment. 

The boost in morale helps to positively impact their motivation and performance which inevitably rubs off on customers as they deliver a superior customer experience.

Lastly you’ll also likely experience an increase in staff retention rate as the work environment will be a factor when staff think about where they want to work.

Maximise Floor Space

Fitouts help to get more value for your money by making the best use of available floor space.

Rather than cramping down and adding more treatment chairs, the fitout can alter the interior to make the best use of the area and maximising efficient workflow.

This means the space can work more efficiently maximising revenue per square meter which ultimately translates into profit on the balance sheet.


For a dental practice to grow, it’s important that you invest in a good dental fitout that appeals to clients and staff alike.

Investment can position you as a leader in your area of speciality, attracting customers who are ready to pay for the experience rather than just the services rendered. 

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