How to utilize indoor plants to positively impact your office fitout

What better way to spruce up an old space than with a fresh bit of greenery? Indoor plants can positively impact your office fitouts in many ways. The most obvious of which is the improvement to the aesthetics. But they also provide a wide range of health and psychological benefits as well!

With their ability to enhance colour schemes and improve people’s moods by creating a natural focal point, indoor plants can significantly improve the health and wellbeing of staff as well as creating a more productive workplace.

Let’s take a closer look at what else indoor plants can do for your office!

Improving Productivity

Studies have shown productivity can be increased by as much as 15% with the use of indoor plants. Overall stress levels are reduced, resulting in lower stress-related absences and improved staff morale, which directly reflects on their overall performance.

Improving Health And Wellbeing

Studies also show that staff will benefit physically at work thanks to better air quality and air circulation. Indoor plants assist in removing toxins and improving air quality, which in turn will prevent illness. It’s also been shown that just the sight of greenery can trigger an increase in levels of serotonin (the happy hormone).

Woman holding green plants

Affordable Decor

When planning your office fitout, the addition of indoor plants is an easy and affordable option to consider! Whether you’re opting for live plants or would rather the easier fake greens, a few dollars can go a long way. In fact, you’ll be able to transform your office from a drab, dreary space into a modern haven for your staff with the addition of only one or two plants.

What Plants Are Best For Office Fitouts?

Now that you know how great plants can be in your office, here are some popular choices when looking at adding some greenery to your space:

1) Bamboo Palm Tree – This plant is often quite busy-looking with its numerous leaves and trunks, and it’s a very easy plant to grow. As long as you don’t overwater it, the bamboo palm will bounce back quickly from any neglect.

2) Rubber Plant – This type of plant is fantastic for offices with poor air quality. It’s easy to grow and care for so it would be perfect if you’re new to having plants in your office or live in an area with low humidity. The rubber plant adds colour while providing cleaner air.

3) Peace Lily – The Peace Lily is relatively small in size and doesn’t require much care, making it ideal for forgetful types or busy offices. The peace lily delivers impressive white flowers that will add a touch of colour to any room. Not only that, but it’s one of the best plants for improving indoor air quality!

4) Pothos Plant – The pothos plant is another favourite because it’s extremely hardy, tolerant to neglect, and can thrive in both bright or darker conditions. It makes an excellent addition to any office fit-out as it looks good no matter where you choose to place it.

“Having plants in the office will create a positive and relaxed atmosphere for your business.”

Designing Your Office Fitout Around Plants

Now that you know about the benefits of including plants in your office fitout, let’s talk about how best to utilize them. One idea is to group plants together in one corner of your office. This will create a focal point that people can enjoy, while at the same time benefiting from the plants’ abilities to improve air quality and staff morale.

Another idea is to incorporate plants into your interior design scheme by placing them on either side of your desk. The best plant for this purpose would be the pothos plant because it’s small, but also because it thrives in low lighting conditions.

If you don’t like your plants to take up much room, another option is to use smaller container plants on windowsills or desks. However, make sure they are planted well so they don’t fall over and get damaged.

Wherever you choose to put your plants in the office, maintain them regularly by checking for dead leaves and ensuring they’re watered. Be sure to stay on top of routine maintenance such as cleaning around the base of plants to avoid bacteria build up.

There’s no denying that plants in an office can make a great impression on visiting clients. Not only will they add colour and style but it also shows that your company is eco-friendly and cares about your staff’s health and wellness. Plus, having plants in the office will create a positive and relaxed atmosphere for your business. After reading about how indoor plants can impact positively on office fitouts, I hope you’re convinced and ready to utilize the benefits yourself!

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