6 Good Reasons to Use Artwork in the Workplace

A lean-looking workplace with no distractions isn’t really the smartest thing.

Having a workplace that is more colourful, artistic and relaxed can make people work more productively and feel happier.

So why not use art to introduce that colour, creativity and calm?

Its impact is often underestimated.

So be bold and brave with it!

Here’s 6 good reasons to use art in any commercial workplace:

1. It’s Mood Altering:

Splashes of color in a painting can alter the mood of a foyer, meeting room, office, retail space or hospitality venue.
For several years, art therapists have successfully used art to work with patients and clients who suffer stress, fear and anxieties as a means of relieving their conditions.

2. It Helps Productivity to Rise:

There’s a heap of research which agrees that artwork has a direct impact on employee productivity and well-being.
When exposed to interesting and/or colourful visuals, the resulting happiness makes people more efficient and motivated.

3. It Speaks your Company’s Culture:

Artwork can send out a message to everyone who enters your office about who you are and what your brand stands for.
Careful selection of the right pieces to display can definitely communicate your company’s culture. It’s a great way of reinforcing your brand.

Artworks on the wall

4. It Provides Inspiration:

With lots of stimulating, visually pleasing imagery around a workplace, creativity can begin to flow.
The colour, movement, shapes and textures in the artwork open the doors for free thinking, brainstorming and idea generation.

5. It Creates a Great Impression for Visitors:

Artwork strategically positioned near the entry will have an impact on clients and visitors.
It’s the first thing they encounter when they walk through the door.
It follows that the choice of piece must be a great one so it can deliver the right message. Let the art speak for itself.

6. It Can Bring Workers Together:

Particularly in an open plan office, colourful art can not only be a talking point but a gathering point for meetings and discussions.
With colour and/or shapes that pop, some sculpture, or large format framed photography, the impact of an art piece can start conversations and unite a team.

So, use the right art to make people in your workplace feel good.
Be bold, consult your colleagues about their preferences if you’d like, then make some great choices.
Stand back to see the results!


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