How to choose the right material for Commercial Bathrooms?

It’s important to stay up to date with what’s around in commercial bathroom fitouts.

A commercial bathroom has to withstand the test of time, not only staying attractive but serving its clientele in a hygienic and functional way.

Material choice can depend on the type of bathroom, how it is going to be used and of course, the budget.

Here are some things to consider:


Need to be impervious to water and preferably be part of a “system” with an anodised aluminium headrail and foot.

Washrooms aren’t mostly treated with kid gloves undergoing a lot of wear and tear.

Protection against moisture is vital.

Make them as attractive as possible whilst maintaining a practical and affordable approach.

Go for materials like compact laminate (Laminex is one brand that has wide choices in toilet partitioning) which is a solid, hard-wearing, dense material, excellent for this use.

Water closet with open door and white toilet bowl. 3d illustration


Stainless Steel: functional, durable, low maintenance are its key features.

It may not have the “wow factor” of some other materials but serves well in high traffic zones. Laminate benchtops are a well-priced choice but must be used with a “drop-in” basin not an “undermount” style.

Make sure edges are seamless by using either a square form or bullnose which wraps the laminate over the edge and under the bench.

For tighter budgets, it’s a great choice.

Solid Surfaces which are a man-made resin-based material with quartz or other stone are excellent. They’re impervious, resistant to wear and tear and hygienic.

Names like “Corian”, “Staron” or “Silestone” belong to this category.

They’re perfect for a sleek benchtop look, being able to take an undermount style basin.

If the material does get damaged, it can usually be repaired on-site using a heat bonding process. Splashbacks can be moulded so that benchtop and back are one single piece.


Stainless Steel is completely functional, withstanding wear and tear to a very high degree.

It can be integrated easily with sink areas in heavy use environments which enables easy cleaning and maintenance.

Tiles are a conventional choice, durable and long-lasting, though grout can attract mould and discolouration sometimes. Pattern and colour can be cleverly integrated with tiles so easily.

Acrylic can be bright and colourful and is a great modern look, but can scratch. A good choice for low-use situations only.

Solid Surface, as mentioned before, can be integrated seamlessly with the benchtop no joins, completely hygienic. It’s on the expensive side but has great durability. Using the right material means longer life out of a commercial bathroom and fewer troubles down the track!


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