How to bring a fitout plan into reality?

Call the Fitout Specialists to bring your Plans to life. 

So you’ve worked out a layout for your new commercial refurbishment.

For a retrofit of your office, shop, café or surgery? Plans are ready to go.

Need some Clarification on where to go from here?

A Quality Licenced Fitout Builder in gold coast will be able to guide you through the process.

Here’s what usually will happen:

If you’ve already got your plans, they should be certified (approved). It’s not a difficult process but one that you
shouldn’t ignore.

Often a designer or your fitout team arranges that for you. There will be a fee paid to the Certifier and once that’s sorted, you’re good to go to get all of the costs of building together.

Construction planning drawings

1. The Quote

Your Fitout builder will establish a quote. In other words, they will submit a Tender of how much it will cost to
prepare the site from demolition stage right through to the finished retrofit of your office, shop, cafe or surgery.

You’re looking for a builder’s quote that delivers you a commercial refurbishment on-time and within budget. Look at the Tender carefully to see that everything has been considered. Ask questions of your Fitout team.

2. Engagement of Builder

Book up the Fitout team of your choice. Look for a firm that guarantees quality and safety. Look for a Licenced
Builder who delivers commitment to your project. You want them to deliver exceptional work for the dollars
you’ve spent.

3. Preliminary Project Work

So let the renovation begin!

At this stage there needs to be lots done on “Preliminaries”. Things like approvals, site set-up, workplace, health and safety issues, equipment, materials ordering and so on.

4. Project Advancement

So now the project is really under way.

Demolition, building on site: the whole thing advances at a rapid rate!
Acting as your Principal Contractor, the Fitout Specialists will project manage this construction phase of your commercial refurbishment, including the supervision and coordination of all trades, from demolition right through until your new office, retail, cafe or surgery space is ready to occupy.

5. Project Finalisation

To finish up, final Approvals need to be reached, all Certificates issued in time for your business to start operating.
This is the stage when all the boxes are ticked, all the final details are covered.

A quality Fitout builder is worth their weight in gold when it comes to this stage. Any little problems are quickly
put right after a “Defects Inspection” to ensure your retrofit or renovation is handed over to you in excellent
condition. Those Certificates we just mentioned: well, they’ll come from the glass installers, the engineers, the
electricians, the plumbers and so on. All are necessary to meet a Final Inspection by the Certifier.

6. Project Handover

All done! Handover time – back to you. Your newly refurbished commercial space is there to enjoy!


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