10 Designer’s Ideas for Re-Inventing the Warehouse

Character-filled, hip, cool, historical, unloved, forgotten all might come up in a conversation about warehouse buildings.

The idea of reinventing them is exciting for designers, architects and builders.

They’re a blank canvas waiting to be filled.

Here’s 10 Designer’s ideas for re-inventing the warehouse:

  1. Pay homage to the original structure by enhancing its greatest features, whether they be exposed ceilings, aged concrete render or old structural steel columns.
    Add in some statement sheer curtains to create comfort and enclosure in the wide, open-plan space.
  2. Make sure the warehouse space has enough characteristics to warrant the expense of taking it on:
    The space has to be adaptable, flexible and sustainable.
    If it’s an historical building, then research the constraints of a refurbishment.
  3. In an historic warehouse building, set out to create a design and fitout that touches the original structure, yet moves it up into the 21st century.
    A modern, pared back interior that contrasts with the old building, still respects its heritage.
  4. Go monochrome and minimal with plenty of clean lines and continuity throughout the space.
  5. Using plywood which offers a sense of true warmth is a great idea.
    It contrasts very well with harder edged, more industrial finishes like brick, concrete and steel.
    Use it for joinery like benches, shelving and/or partitions.

    Man in warehouse

  6. Be sustainable by using low-impact lighting and recycled bricks.
    Invent ways of upcycling materials from the original building.
  7. If the building is low on natural light, create a roof deck, an outdoor deck or courtyard area for staff to enjoy meal breaks and special events.
  8. Expose the beams and give it a wide open, contemporary feel and dress them with industrial style pendant lighting.
  9. Use grey, black and white extensively if you’re looking to create a chic setting in the warehouse space.
  10. Add new, sleek, seamless glazing to provide light and frontage display but all the while retain the raw external industrial feel of the warehouse.

Ideas that turn an ugly duckling into an edgy and sustainable commercial space  ….. that’s definitely worth considering.


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