4 important fitout considerations for the Healthcare Industry

In 2019 we are experiencing changes in all sectors. The Healthcare industry is no exception. Patients and caregivers are expecting health care solutions that are coordinated, convenient, customised and accessible.

AC Fitouts, shop fitters gold coast, are experts in how to consider all requirements within a healthcare fitout. Whether a new premise, refurbishment of an existing site or upgrades to your current clinic, we are experienced in meeting your needs, in the following four ways;

  • Coordinated.

    AC Fitouts are experts in creating healthcare fitouts that are beautiful and effortlessly functional. We design our medical and dental fitouts to increase the productivity of the practice and eliminate any inefficiencies. The services being offered are then the primary focus. We create neutral spaces to bring the practice together seamlessly allowing all staff and clientele to move through the practice safely and with ease.

    All our fitouts are in alignment with state and council regulations, follow WHS guidelines and ensure all other governing bodies, relevant to the specific industry, are met.

  • Convenient.

    We take into consideration all aspects of your business model and service offerings. Optimum functionality and appearance is then ensured giving patients and staff an environment to feel safe and welcomed. Your clinic will be a convenient environment, rather than a stressful one. An AC Fitouts healthcare fitout keeps patients privacy in times of vulnerability at the centre of all designs. We ensure a patient can move throughout the practice with ease and work with staff to provide layout solutions to improve the day-to-day tasks throughout the practice.


  • Customised.

    AC Fitouts are specialists in creating fitouts that reflect the key purpose of the clinic. We know how to create a warming atmosphere that is ready to welcome and relax patients. We embed your brand seamlessly into the design in both strong and subtle ways. In addition, an AC Fitouts design thoughtfully welcomes patients throughout your clinic. Our healthcare fitouts are custom designed to directly appeal to your clientele.

  • Accessible.

    Accessibility is so much more than a welcoming front door.  It’s also considering how all staff and clientele will move into and around your medical fitout. Equal access for all includes the needs of the elderly, disabled and able-bodied patients, mum with prams, emergency care and the general day-to-day movements of staff and patients throughout the practice. Equal access is a cornerstone consideration in AC Fitouts healthcare fitouts. We know that major structural changes aren’t always possible within an existing space. Within these spaces, we can still provide effective solutions to create a fitout where all who visit feel safe and considered.

The Healthcare Industry plays a significant role in the lives of Australian’s on a daily basis. Most patients are in a time of need when entering these spaces, making it critical that fitout solutions within this industry are hygienic and safe, yet welcoming and calm. AC Fitouts are experts in providing fitout designs that are coordinated, convenient, customised, and accessible to meet the needs of our clients and their patients.

Talk to an AC Fitouts Specialist about your medical, dental or healthcare industry fitout project today!


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