5 creative Wall Designs for an impeccable fitout

Today Competition is high.

Everybody’s looking to capture the attention of their customers.

If your fitout is to be in retail, office, medical or hospitality, there are some easy ways of creating impact and making your space memorable for your clients.

Here’s 5 Cool, Fresh Decorative Ideas to think about:

1. Decorative Lit Walls.

Be creative with light fittings. Why restrict them to ceilings?

Let your imagination run them onto walls. Create patterns with the way they are laid out, and even more so, with the light they project onto the wall.

Choose light fittings which are energy efficient.  So effective, so simple.

If you are renovating or thinking of building a fashion shop, cafe, an office reception, upgrading a hotel foyer or medical and dental waiting rooms, this may be your answer.

2. Writeable Walls.

We’re not really thinking menu blackboards or boardroom whiteboards here –  more than that.

Use Large Panels of acrylic or laminate, easily installed, with a totally writeable and cleanable surface from floor to ceiling.

For more interest, they can be installed in varying shapes or patterns.  Choose bold colours or go wild with coloured marker pens to write your daily communications.

A fun idea for café, shop, office fitouts and for the education of course!

3d rendering nice white sofa with abstract wood wall design background

3. Clip- In Wall Panels.

Create walls of timber grain, brick, textures and colours with panels which clip into tracking systems, and are so quickly installed.

So seamless and convincing, you’d swear these were the real deal.

Shopfitting is often about quick turnaround, so these types of panel solutions answer the brief when your commercial renovation is on a tight timeframe. 

4. Large Format Tiles.

Whoa! A single tile 3 metres x 1 metre, that’s huge!

They’re fairly new to the market, but lightweight, thin tiles as large as this are making their impact in the design and installation of feature walls.

If 3 metres is just too large, then there are other sizes too, but the idea is, that laid horizontally or vertically, a wall of supersized tiles can look so sleek, so smooth and so stylish.

We suggest using them in medical and dental waiting rooms, office fitouts, corridors, foyers and restaurant fitouts.

5. Acoustic Shapes.

Keep the noise down by creating a feature wall of acoustic shapes and patterns.

Hexagons or rectangles of all colours can look so effective. The material is sustainable and recyclable and so simple to use.

There are now many acoustic panels and shapes on the market in all sorts of colours from bold to subdued.

Most are applied with an adhesive. It’s that easy!  And it’s a creative way of addressing a noise issue.  A great solution in office and restaurant fitouts.

Get Started on being an attention seeker in your business.

Create that feature wall without too much fuss.

You’ll see the Impact. Ask your customers!


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