How to Achieve Efficiency of Space in a Small Retail Tenancy

Many retail tenancies are subject to lack of space – they are often confined by either a narrow footprint, limited back of house area or no back of house at all (such as a kiosk) where they are completely open to public viewing.

Despite their size, smaller retail tenancies still often have to house extra stock, store IT facilities and some paperwork, whilst all the while displaying their products as best as possible.

So how do you achieve efficiency of space and customer appeal in a
confined retail tenancy?

We are currently working with a retail client who has a number of very small retail stores and kiosks throughout
Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. We have become experts in achieving efficiency of space! We do this whilst
maintaining a high level of legibility and customer appeal throughout the fitouts – Here are our tips:

Keep display spaces prominent

Clearly locate shelving along the walls of your tenancy or incorporate clear table displays in the centre of your fitout.
Keep shelving and tables at an appropriate height so that customers can walk up to your products and pick them up
easily if they wish. Stack shelving vertically up your walls only if it is appropriate to your product, as it will make your
tenancy feel smaller and more confined.

Order your stock logically – Locate your stock throughout your store in a logical and well-ordered way. Think about how
your customers will want to experience your store. If 2 of your products are very popular for example, put them where
they can be easily accessed, and separate them from each other so that you don’t cause crowding within your store.
Your customers will leave if they feel frustrated and can’t access what they want.

Colorful Bright Clothes On Shelves And Hanger In Store Of Shoppi

Use light and bright colours

It’s no secret that light colours make a room feel bigger, and it can’t be more true for a small retail tenancy. Applying a dark
colour to walls within small spaces makes them very prominent and obvious, and when you are struggling for space obvious
walls are a no no. Light walls open up a space and allow your stock to become the feature. Great lighting over key display
spaces is also critical in improving the overall feel of the space and visually  opening up the space even further.

Order under-counter spaces efficiently

Use your back of house or under counter space well! Don’t leave your IT facilities or paperwork where customers can see them.
Clutter is obvious in a small space and is not appealing. Use stacked shelving within cupboards for best use of space, and include
narrow draws to store paperwork and stationery neatly. Put your every day go-to items in easily accessible locations – dont rummage
through cupboards to access basic items, this wastes your time and is unappealing to customers.

To chat with our team about how we can improve your retail fitout, or to find out more about our retail experience contact us on 1300 765 782.


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