5 Flooring Ideas for your Medical or Dental Fitout.

Flooring is an important material for lots of reasons in any commercial fitout.

We choose it to:

Cover a raw surface
Decorate and Enhance a Space
As a Safety Tool to avoid accidents
Designate Direction or a change of use

5 Flooring ideas for your medical or dental fitout:

1. Decoration and Design

Be creative with the overall feel of your new flooring design.

Use it to denote a change in direction, create a contrasting border, cut shapes and colours into it.

Take on board, the demands of each space: entry, waiting, reception, consultation, corridor, treatment, sterilising, storage and so on.

The commercial fitout team will help with ideas if you need them.

2. Sheet Vinyl or Carpet Tiles

Both options are a fantastic fit for Medical and Dental Fitout.

Vinyl on a roll is generally 2 metres wide, and can be easily laid after proper preparation of the floor. So many patterns, colours, timber looks, the range is huge.

When it comes to joins, the installer will weld them together using heat. The result is there’s absolutely no cracks for mould, bacteria or dirt to get through!

Carpet Tiles come in various sizes, though most are 600mm square. So many patterns and colour combinations can be made by using them cleverly in the showcase areas of the fitout.

It’s a chance to be innovative.

The big advantage though, is that when damage or wear occurs in a particular spot, they can easily be pulled up, replaced and blended back in with the rest of the flooring.

It’s usually a DIY exercise, it’s so simple.

Floor level view of laminate flooring installation, home renovation, construction materials, tiles

3. Texture and Profile

Vinyls or Carpets with a raised profile are best used in feature areas of your medical surgery fitout eg:  an entry foyer or possibly in your waiting area.

Avoid them where any wheeled traffic or any types of treatments are happening.

There are better options for those areas.

4. Safety and Slip Resistance

Special types of vinyl are required in wet areas, sterilising & treatment areas, so ask your fitout builder to help you choose the right one.

They need to create traction to meet Australian Safety Standards in these applications.

5. Special Healthcare Carpets

There are some special types of wider “Broadloom” carpets specially designed to be watertight and to withstand spills, body fluids and so on.

These have an impervious backing to prevent liquid penetration.

These are widely used for Aged Care fitout but are also versatile in general commercial design and fitouts.

So look down this week to decide on the right choices to fit the purpose of the spaces in your new fitout.

Get started with the floor plan and see how creative you can be.


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