The Trendiest Dental Practice Fitouts for 2021

The appearance of a dental practice can bring in the right clientele!

It’s not just about choosing the right colours and furniture but about creating a relaxing and welcoming space for patients.

There are some dental practices out there which really push the envelope when it comes to the interior design of their practices. So let’s take a look at some if the trendiest dental fitouts of 2021.  

A Comfy Residential Fitout

Image Source: Global Dental

Want your family dental practice to give out a comfy vibe? How about “Our Family Dental Clinic”.

The design elements used here are a blend of brick walls, round tables and a cozy seating area that can make you feel at ease.

The striking decor and furniture arrangement gives a feeling of being at home, but also doesn’t lack professionalism.

The streamlined look has a spacious feel for the patients to wait comfortably and definitely sets it apart from a “regular” dental practice.

Underwater Fitout for Kids

image 1
Image Source: Dentistryiq

Dental visits can be scary for the kids.

With a more kid-friendly fitout, you can take the anxiousness out and make it a more fun and memorable experience.

The Kinderdentist has replaced the sterile white walls of a traditional dentist office with blue, hues of aquatic blue to be more precise, and an occasional orange from their logo. 

With blue and silver walls, the office has murals of the underground sea, schools of fish, etc.

Though lacking natural lighting, artificial lighting embedded in the ceiling more than makes up for it. 

Disney Fitout for Kids

image 2
Image Source: Dentistryiq

Television can make the kids sit quietly entertained, but when your dental office looks something right out of the Disney channel, they’ll have a lot more to keep them occupied than their fears of the dentist.

The Dentistry for Kids is something out of dreamland for kids. 

With a different theme for every room, the kids can watch their favourite movie in the dentists’ chair and the reception is like a child’s dream of a classroom. 

A good dental fitout combines passion and vision into a polished and professional design to bring out the best possible patient experience. 

For the teenagers there’s a different setting with teen favourites like a milkshake bar, basketball court, music, popcorn, games and more to entertain them.

Open Floor Fitout

image 3
Image Source: Decorilla

With dental fitouts changing, the traditional way dentistry is practised is also evolving.

Rather than the closed private treatment room of the past, the treatment rooms are open and airy with nothing separating the chairs, leaving the rooms bright and saturated with natural lighting.

To ease the more clinical setup, the reception and the waiting rooms are changing too, with a more homely look complete with a snack bar, coffee station and more. 

Go Natural

image 4
Image Source: Dezeen

The emerging trend in dental fitouts is going natural with plants or lighting to ease the anxious patients.

This orthodontic clinic from the Netherlands has its treatment chairs facing the stunning landscape outside.

Surrounded by glass walls, the treatment area is more open, creating a light-filled, uncluttered practice and a super modern experience. 


Redesigning your dental clinic is a step towards taking your practice to the next level.

Planning and designing are extremely important.

Understanding your current clients, and your goals in terms of attracting new clients will help you figure out the type of dental fitout that you need.

Talk to our dental fitout specialists at shop fitters gold coast to help you through that process to get the best result possible.


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