How to read price quote from Fitout Specialist?

Last week we posted about what Site Preliminaries mean in your shopfitter’s quotes. We got some great feedback! So to shed even more light, we thought this week we would post about some other key terms that stump a lot of people.

Have you wondered what’s behind these items in your quote?

What’s a PC Sum? Prime Cost or Provisional Sum

Sometimes items that are to be included in your fit-out at the quoting stage are not fully finalised.

It may be that they have not all been agreed to or that timing will not allow us to fully determine
their value. So we include a PC sum, which is an estimate of their cost.

Items like this could be light fittings, tapware, or even air conditioning works eg: repairing or
replacing any plant items which may be old or faulty.

AC Fitouts, gold coast shop fitout experts, always tries to give clients a realistic PC estimate so that the final quote you have is not far from what is achieved. Sometimes our clients even get a refund on the PC sum!

Financial paper charts and graphs

Demolition Works

Usually, a site is not handed over for a fit out to begin in perfect order. There are ceilings, walls,
or frontages that have to be demolished, dumped or recycled before any new work starts.

Demolition works include labour to do all of this and disposal fees to move the excess material off-site. It may also include costs to bring vehicles to and from the site, local parking in commercial
zones etc.

“Make Good” what’s this?

When we talk about “making good” we are referring to “putting back into a good working state or
reviving something to its original order.

In shop fitting or building we often have to “make good” to damaged ceilings or walls due to previous occupants or site works. There may be a cost set aside in your building quote to allow for making good or repairing various items.

Upgrade to Power

You might ask why do I need this? I won’t be using an unusual amount of electricity! Upgrade to
Power is costed into your quote for another reason.

Often it’s because the power “distribution board” sitting on the wall or in a cupboard doesn’t have enough circuits to run what you might

For instance a separate circuit is needed for each: hot water, air-con, cooking equipment,
computers to name a few. Sometimes too, the board is in the wrong place. It may need to be
moved to cater for your new floor plan.

Don’t hesitate to ask us if any of these terms need further explanation. We’re here at AC Fitouts
to help!


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