How can you minimise your Office Noise easily?

Open Plan Offices can be great for motivation, energy and involvement, but sometimes can be noisy and distracting.
Workers sometimes become frustrated and lose focus when noise intrudes too much.

One simple solution is now at hand – Why not consider using acoustic meeting pods?

What are they?

Meeting Pods are a room within a room, great for individual focused work or team collaboration. They offer extra acoustics for meetings, all types of office tasks and are built around panel frames linked together to create a mini “room”.

What’s so good about them?

They offer great flexibility!

The good news is, they’re easily put together, demountable & relocatable within an open plan office area. There’s no need for wall fixings at all.

They’re designed to work as a furniture system and are easily transported to various points within an office space as needs change.

What sort of meeting activities can take place in these pods?

There are so many different types of uses, from impromptu face to face talks to more formal get-togethers for up to 10 people.

So many work activities can take place in them from morning briefings to quick brainstorming, some serious planning or an afternoon coffee meeting.

Most come with a table to support any private discussion.

Smiling businesspeople working together in an office meeting pod

Are there individual pods for quiet work?

Definitely are. For the worker who needs to get away from a workstation for a while, they’re a great option.
Short term desk-based work can be done in a solo pod. They’re often used as “phone pods” to allow users to make calls or video conference in privacy.

How economical are they?

Savings can be made on not using fixed partitioning everywhere which has to be left behind on relocation.
All types of pods are simple to erect, to pull apart and to transport.

How good are they for the environment?

Many are made partly from recyclable materials and can even in many cases, be recycled again after use.

Can you add any features to the pods?

How about LED lighting controlled by infra-red, all types of data points, whiteboard panels, TV monitor units and air circulation units?
These are just some features that can be added to upscale them. Think also coat hangers and nameplates to add more personalised touches.

Are there other uses for them besides office environments?

Acoustic Pods function well in open foyers, hospitals, libraries and schools.

And how great do they look!
Colourful materials, curvaceous or geometric in shape…. they’re practical, edgy and fun.

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