5 tips to make sure your workplace is safe

Employers always have to listen up when it comes to providing a safe workplace for their staff.

So playing by the rules, choosing the right surfaces or changing what’s not safe has to be on the “must do” list.

Here’s  5 things to watch out for:


Outdoor and Indoor, Wet and Dry spaces have different safety ratings for tiles, vinyls, concrete etc.

Non slip surfaces are a must wherever water is involved. Ask a flooring supplier or your fitout team for advice if you’re not sure.


Any stairs must comply with Building Codes.

Tread  and Riser heights and widths, Railing heights, Balustrading types, Surface Materials all must match up to code.

Check with your designer or ask your fitout team for guidance.

Colleagues interacting at work standing on staircase


Different workplaces require optimal levels of light according to what type of work is done.

Check with your design team or lighting people about  the appropriate light levels.

Consider glare from reflective surfaces and how it might impact on workers.

Replace old or broken tubes or diffusers in ceiling lights.

Fire Exits, Alarms, Extinguishers etc:

Fire regulations demand that exits these are kept clear, and are well signed with compliant signage.
According to how your premises is designed, there are varying steps you need to take.
There are no shortcuts here. Fire hazards are very real and need to be taken seriously.


Ergonomic Task Chairs, gas lift style with lumbar support and seat sliding mechanisms are a given.

For Desks,  if possible, choose height adjustable styles which can change from sitting to standing positions as required.

A sitting position desk height should range between 730mm and 750mm..
Make use of monitor stands or poles for all screens which adjust to the right height for each individual.

Maybe some adjustments will need to be made to address the safety conditions of the work environment you provide.

Placing it on the Priority List is a given.


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