5 office fitout trends you can use in 2021

An office fitout should support the functional needs of employees and profile the company brand aesthetic. As specialists in office fitouts, AC Fitouts predicts the continued rise of these five trends in 2019 for creating appealing and functional office spaces.

1. Outside on the inside

Gone are the days where a simple desk plant provides enough connection to natural elements for employees. A biophilic approach to an office environment can reduce workplace stress and fatigue while improving air quality and increasing productivity. The use of natural materials like stone and wood, living green walls, organic shapes, natural light and ventilation and where possible, a visual connection to the outdoors and nature are just some of the ways to bring the outside, in.

2. Comforts of home

With the standard full-time working week accounting for 40 hours of our time – it’s more important than ever to introduce some of the comforts of home to the working environment. Fully functional kitchens, break out areas, soft furnishing and even leisure items can link the office with a homelike feel.

Taking a break in the office kitchen

3. Sitting vs. standing

In recent years, a variety of major international research bodies have produced compelling evidence that sitting for more than 4 hours each day leads to a number of serious medical conditions.*  In an effort to combat this growing epidemic, the introduction of sit-stand solutions within the workplace has been flagged as a cost-effective way for employers to improve the health of their workforce, reduce employee downtime and increase overall productivity within the office environment.

4. Branding for all

A business’ most powerful brand advocates are the employees. Extending branding through the workspace assists in creating comradery and a sense of pride for a team to then live within the brand and also reinforces the brand experience for new and existing customers. Feature walls of brand colours, soft furnishing to extend the colour palette, company promises and values for all to see – just some of the ways to continue the brand exposure on the inside of your office fitout.

5. Consider ALL staff

By considering team members at all levels of your business, the importance of each role is recognised and the physical elements that contribute to employees performing at their best can be met. By asking opinions and making shared decisions, all staff have the opportunity to feel pride in their working environment.

Keep an eye on any new office spaces you visit for these attributes and talk to an AC Fitouts office specialist about integrating these features into your new Office Fitout .



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