The Year's Half Gone? Time for some business Team Building before it's over

Your teams, however small, need to be on the same page, otherwise you're not getting the best out of your business.
It's a tricky job getting everyone to work well together.

Check out this helpful list of things to do:

1, Make an overall assessment of how each section/department works together.
Does the admin team work well with the practitioners, kitchen staff with front of house, do sales and marketing click?
As business owner, take an overall look at how your teams work together.
What's working and what's not?

2. Talk about the Vision you have for the business.
Your employees need to know what your aims and objectives are so that they understand the path you're walking.
Share your ideas with them about the direction you're taking.
Be inclusive so that they feel part of this vision.

3. Get the People right
Choose the right people to lead and organise.
Give them  more control over results, and freedom to lead others along the path of your business vision.
This creates a culture which is encouraging and effective.
Of course, for this to happen, you need to be comfortable with the choice of  employees you have.

4, Use Team Building exercises:
To improve communication, motivate, help employees  to get to know each other and boost  morale.
These activities should also have longer term effects of improving productivity.
It's often useful to take everyone out of their work environment on a level playing field to engage in these activities.
There are many available "games" to play to get to know your fellow workers and  team of employees, and yourself too!

5. Encourage and listen to Others' Ideas
Encourage the contribution of ideas.
Try to act on any potent suggestions which might come from your team leaders or employees.
Encourage them to make suggestions towards improving the operations and future directions of the business.
Remember, you're taking them with you on this path, so get them involved and follow through.

It's already July. Time to start or at least, time to continue with these Team Strategies to keep business on track.

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