Working as a Team - 5 Simple Ways

Good teamwork is an essential part of any business.

Getting workmates to get along is a big part of it, and developing trust and respect is high prioirity.

Here's 5 ways to make a team work!

1. Make some good people choices.
How? Blending types of personalitites is the way to go.
When you're hiring staff, don't be swayed only by those with the highest qualifications.
Look carefully for personality traits like openness, emotional stability, empathy, sociability and of course, conscientiousness.

2. Be clear about your expectations with those you're interviewing.
Outline the standards you expect.
Define them in a policy manual.
Genuine teamwork means that all employees keep the same standards and need to do whatever is necessary to take care of your client or customers.

3. Encourage your team members to take the lead!
So often, negative issues can be resolved before they go too far.
Empower team members to express concerns about negative things like people not taking responsibility or spending work time on social media, not enough training given and so on.

4. Promote good internal communication - conversation, idea-sharing, team brainstorming.
Where possible, create work areas in your fitout where team members can get together to discuss and share ideas and brainstorm.
A meeting room is perfect, but if you don't have an allocated area, create one with attractive screens, planters, suspended vertical elements or special lighting.
Easily done with a bit of innovative thought.

5. Make every team member feel valued:
That means they need to be aware of their own role in the team and how important they are to the team.
Success as a team can only come when each team member is aware of the importance of their role in the team's achievements.
Sharing relevant information on a project, allocating a team task linked to specific goals, and them rewarding them for the eventual success is vital.

Actions speak louder than words, so take the lead to run an efficient, happy team.

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