Working Under the Christmas Tree

It’s the end of year wrap up fast approaching.
Time to finish up jobs at hand, tie up loose ends, and have a party to celebrate the year of work .
Time to thank everyone for their contribution to the business.

Lots to do. Here's a short list:
1. Make some time right at the end, to straighten up matters in time for your stress-free return next year.
2. If not all workers have deadline-oriented tasks, then assign those who don’t to clean up and preparation jobs for the new year.
3. Send out Christmas greetings to those you’ve worked with through the year and thank them for their efforts.
4. Make mention of intentions to work with them again in the new year – maybe set up a meeting in advance.
5. Don’t forget to tell your clients and colleagues how long your business will be closed for.
6. Do an electronic tidy up: make sure you’ve filed everything properly, sort through emails, deleting the junk, put anything important into special folders.

7. Gifts for Everyone:
Have some fun with gifts under the tree, all in good spirit of course.
Sometimes a tongue-in-cheek approach for Secret Santa presents.
Here’s some ideas:
Desk organiser: for the messy worker whose work station or counter area is always in chaos.
Diary Organiser: for the person who’s rarely on time or who forgets appointments. If the electronic diary isn’t working, then maybe a hard copy version will do the trick. Artificial Plant: for the one who never manages to water the living potted plant. Fake is the way to go.
Large Water flask: for the worker who takes too many trips and too much chat time at the water cooler.
A new coffee mug: for the person who only rinses but never really washes up.

Keep Positive: the really important thing about this last pre - Christmas period is to wrap up your workplace on a positive note, so that everyone can leave feeling the festive spirit and embrace their holiday break with a great sense of goodwill.

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