Winning Ways to Capture a Young Market in your Retail Store

Running a bricks and mortar store?

You'll know it's a hard task to capture the attention of a young generation of customers.

Here's 5 ways to do it:

Be Visual
Make sure your store fitout, your branding and merchandising display pop!
Having a well designed and built fitout which "speak" clearly about what you're selling is a must. "Integration" is the word when it comes to your fitout and your brand.
The two must be partners.
Make sure the store instantly communicates who you are, what you're doing and how you're going about it.

Be Inclusive
Make sure you employ amongst your staff, young people who know and understand what their peers want.
In that way, you're not guessing, or approaching your market in the dark.
If you look at the Millennial group (18 to 34), they're switched on to knowing what they want and usually how to get it.
Having staff members in this age group who are all "connected" through social media is a definite advantage to a business.
Hire them!

Be Authentic
Make it known where your products are from.
It's emerging that the younger buying customer group is the most interested in where a product's from and even where it's going to end up.
Social and environmental responsibility is right up there.
The ability to recycle a product, or to re-purpose it is an attraction to the young market.
Telling a story about how the product came to be on your shelves is a great way of meeting their needs.

Be Rewarding
Make it known that you'll reward your customers.
Engage with them on a personal and social media level.
If possible, get to know them by name or by tastes and preferences.
Offer discounts, specials and encourage them to "like" your business via social media.
A young customer base will return the favour by spreading a good word.

Be Innovative
Make sure you keep up to scratch with what's new in your part of the retail woods.
Although you need to stick to what works and what you know well, also move forward to continually introduce new products,
keep your sales methods current, refresh the shop fitout and don't lose track of the latest in social media happenings .
Being energetic on this front is essential.

Listen, learn & reach out to a young and agile group. The rewards are there.

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