Where shall we Meet?

In a Meeting Room or Meeting Space?

There's a difference!
Which one suits your needs?
Depending on your office fitout needs and your budget, there's a good reason to first consider their functions.

A Meeting Room will usually need to be separated from the general hurly burly of the office.
It will usually need to be private.
To achieve this and keep up the aesthetics, it's great to use glazed walls with decorative privacy film.
This means that light is let in and out, and when inside, workers don't feel as though they are in a prison bunker.
Light is known to  increase creativity, and boost morale.

It may need to be a quiet room with good acoustics so that anything sensitive from personal discussions to company policies cannot be heard.
The use of acoustically rated glass, panelled eco fibre display boards like "Eco Panel" or plasterboard with an acoustic rating.

It should minimise distractions.
If team work and team building are on the agenda, then a room which allows workers to concentrate on the tasks at hand rather than their best.
Make it comfortable and large enough so that tables and chairs can be reconfigured to make open space for creative work.

A Meeting Space can be in a more open part of the office.
Where a fitout budget is limited, this may be the best option.
It is usually a nook or an area which can double up as a lunch spot, a quiet space or maybe an entertainment space.

It can appear to be separate by using some design tricks: a change of flooring or colour or even light fittings can designate the space.
There's heaps of design ideas to make it separate without using walls.

It is usually not necessary to be completely private.
Any brainstorming, discussions or demonstrations will generally be heard by others.

It should still offer little distraction so that workers can still be productive and creative.
Some type of visual separation in the form of planters, vertical slats, decorative shelving can create the feeling of separation from the rest of the office.

The design of your meeting facility will make all the difference to how your office operates.

Take time to provide the right type of space to give your employees the means to be more creative and productive.

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