What's New in Fitout Materials & Products

Keeping up with what's new and out there in the world of innovative materials and products is always part of our "To Do" list each week. We'd love to keep you up to scratch with what we come across.

Here's our Top 3 for this week.

Sound Reducing Acoustic Lighting:
There's heaps of fitout situations in which sound reduction is required and we know how to make that happen in various ways
Using sound rated plasterboard, special ceiling tiles or decorative wall panelling are just some, but now there's light fittings to add to our options.
Made from acoustic material, to hang in meeting rooms, over restaurant tables and booths, in board rooms, consultation spaces to name a few, pendant light fittings are the thing.
We've noticed local Brisbane firm, Luxxbox ( pendant image above) has a range of quality, well styled and practical pendants made from acoustic material to add to those sound reduction needs.

A Benchtop which can charge your Smartphone:
A Solid surface benchtop material can now charge your smartphone or table wirelessly.
It's out there and in use already.
We've noticed that the trademarked brand, Corian by DuPont has already in use, an induction style table surface.
An induced current passes through the benchtop material and charges batteries, giving a green light when it's done.
Already a chain of hairdressing salons in Europe has installed it, but there's heaps of possibilities for offices, public buildings, hospitals : the list goes on.
What a great idea!
Paintbrushes made via 3D printing:
The world of 3D printing is looking limitless:
New Style Paint Brush Bristles which can customise your paint stroke to produce a stunning new effect are about to arrive..
Yes, 3 D printers are experimenting with producing high-density hairy or furry surfaces.
Nature is being replicated in artificially created fur with low friction which will have so much potential.
Paintbrushes will be printed with their ultra thin bristles so that each hair will have its own specific qualities to be able to control movement and thickness.
What a boost for our painters in the future who'll be able to customise painting to a new level.
Commercial fitoutsĀ  provideĀ  a great opportunity to use the latest materials.
Keeping up can "wow" your clients and customers.
Stay tuned for more in our future blogs!

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