Vintage Style stands out and looks cool again. People have their say.

Vintage Style taps into memories and is a great look for fashion, retail and hospitality fitouts.
It’s also cool!
We ask people what they think of the vintage fitout style.

“Depending on which industry you’re in, a vintage style fitout and branding can be a great success. I run a kitchen style café and I wanted to set my place apart from more modern designed places and appeal to a wide variety of people. It had to be noticed as different, so it had to be done well. We’ve gone a little bit industrial in the fitout and it really works. The colours are muted and mainly monochrome but it makes a statement. For menus, signage and my website, I brought a graphic designer on board to design the whole branding. We’ve used natural paper for our menus with a text that looks as though it’s hand done. Everything looks authentic.”
Josh- cafe owner…33yrs

“I wanted my gift shop to tap into people’s fond memories of the past so I went with a vintage style of  fitout. As years go by, we develop a kind of nostalgia for things past, so the vintage look works so well. It’s never going to get old, really. A good vintage style can add instant warmth to your retail space. It works really well in appealing to a younger, hipper customer base. I've incorporated some eclectic vintage treasures to bring everything together and I think the overall look is charming and memorable.”
Marnie- gift shop owner…45yrs

“I think Vintage is cool because it’s rediscovering fashion and designs from the past.
That makes it exciting for someone like me as a customer. It’s not just about stealing an idea from back in the day, it’s about putting a twist on the idea and customising it so that it’s new and fresh again. It shows we’re recognising the past but we want to put our own generational mark on it.”
Beck- customer…27yrs

"We have a vintage inspired bakery in our neighbourhood and I love it. It reminds me of my childhood when a bakery was the only place to buy bread which was an everyday staple. You’d meet other kids there who were sent to buy the day’s bread. Its look is old school. They’ve used mainly natural materials like timber and stone, a monochromatic colour scheme, but the overall feel is that it has plenty of warmth. Such a cool place.“
Julie- customer...62yrs

Think of a way to tap into memories – it’s a powerful marketing tool.
Vintage style in fitout, branding and marketing can be a great choice.

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