Update your Medical Practice to meet the Millennials

Millennial Patients are already parents themselves.
They’re a generation who know what they want.
They’re a generation who’s confident about expressing their differences from the baby boomer generation.
So how can medical practitioners update their practice to meet Millennials' needs?

Here’s 5 Simple Ways:
1.First up, build your brand.
Millennials love brands and are loyal to brands so make sure your practice has one. Start by identifying some of the practice’s best “features”: your specialties, depth of experience in these specialties, your experienced staff, the technology you use, the great facilities you have and so on.
Your brand is made up of everything patients hear, see or experience from the surgery fitout to your website.
Engage a branding expert to design what will be the best and most direct representation of your practice

2. Make your surgery fitout user - friendly.
Things like work-life balance are important to this generation so receiving patients as they come through the door should be as smooth as possible.
Millennial patients value face time but not if they have to wait ages to get it.
Having modern, comfortable waiting areas which speak of this work-life balance and promote good health and lifestyle issues will make the patient feel engaged.
Mixed types of seating works well.
Create a “zone” for Tablet, Notebook or Smart Phone use with charging stations.

3. Offer an “Appointments Online” Service and Digital Check-In.
A service like this will cater for the needs of a generation who want to act immediately when it comes to booking things up.
They don’t necessarily want to pick up the phone and be put on hold for ages.
Digital Check-in on a tablet where the necessary forms are uploaded for electronic completion will also show you understand what their needs are.

4. Get going with Social Media.
Being active on social media is an essential part of practice marketing.
A contemporary, engaging and inspiring website will set you apart.
Keep it fresh and active with ongoing updates – no stale material. And keep patients engaged with health news, tips, advice, small group challenges and so on.
The website must be mobile and tablet friendly. No question about that.
Small practices may not greatly benefit from social media sites like Facebook, You Tube, Instagram or Twitter, but regard them as “support systems” to your brand and make sure you are active with at least one of them.

5. Listen to what Millennial patients are saying.
They’re used to reporting an opinion and regarding the opinions of others with some degree of conviction.
Social Media plays a role with Patient Opinion sites popping up everywhere. Online ratings and information play such a significant role in how younger patients reach health care.
Be aware of how good practice behaviour can work in your favour in not only gaining new patients, but keeping them loyal to you.

Get involved to create an active, positive medical practice presence – physical and virtual.
It can make you a standout with the Millennial generation!





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