Time to pick up the pace on retail foot traffic before Christmas

Getting potential customers past your bricks and mortar shopfront is still the priority for most business owners.
Competing with online shopping is a big task, but there are still so many reasons why personal shopping wins.
Coming up to Christmas is the time to make sure that retail foot traffic is converting to sales.

Here's some things to consider:

Is the Location right?

Most stores feel their location is great, so it's not a problem, but there is an answer for those in inferior spots:
The Pop Up shop.
Many online retailers are setting up pop ups to capture both sides of the customer base, so why not join them?
Being part of a buzzing, impulse buying environment in a shopping centre or open mall has its advantages.
A competitive location is a good one; isolation is generally debilitating so getting organised quickly into a Pop Up format can lift not only retail trade but your business profile.

How Visible is your Shopfront?

You need to be seen to be considered.
Make it as easy as possible for customers to seek out your store.
Shopfront finish, display window expanse, an easy-to-negotiate entry point, captivating brand-appropriate signage, window display lighting might need to be spruced up before it sizzles.
The shop front is a powerful tool to differentiate your business from competitors, so it needs to reinforce what you stand for in the marketplace.
Special Christmas season merchandising display and signage should be part of getting footsteps inside.
Add value by engaging a merchandising display consultant for a few hours to get a professional, on trend viewpoint.

Are you Catering for Customer Needs?

Apart from the obvious research you've done on who your target market is, knowing what your customers really want is a big part of the challenge.
Help to increase that foot traffic by making sure you're ticking all of these boxes:
Offering friendly, welcoming service, absolute reliability, fair pricing, special seasonal offers, quality of product, having a range of good choice alternatives available, consistency and trustworthiness there's a long list of which these are a few.
Use your own experiences as a customer shopping in a frenetic Christmas environment to see how well you're catering for shoppers and then shout out how good you are!
Remember, personal service and knowing a customer by name or needs is a great way to start.

Advertise what you're Value Adding

Apart from pricing, treating your loyal customers to special and personalised offers is a great idea.
The assumption is that you've built up a strong customer base in advance, but if you're a newbie, advertise how customers can 'try' your service and product in some way.
Mini trial offers are a great start.
If fast service suits the business model, then streamline the checkout point.
Community engagement and making a difference is another way of value adding.
Getting customers involved in a worthy project is a good one.
For instance, each purchase will advantage the local homeless citizens, or children in need.
Show you care by working out a socially responsible program this season and advertise via signage and social media what you're doing.

Customers walking past the door aren't enough.
Walking through is the key!
Christmas trading has begun so keep them coming on in.

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