Supergraphics Offer Appeal in Medical Centre Spaces

Supergraphics are a great way to boost the appeal of a waiting area, corridor or treatment room in a medical centre.
They can offer almost any aesthetic: an escape into another world, company branding, abstract wall art….the sky’s the limit.

So, how to find the right Image?

1. Search Online:
There are some “royalty free” image libraries online which have a large range of photos to choose from.
Companies like iStock or Shutterstock, for instance, have hundreds of large format images of this type.
You’ll also find many more which aren’t royalty free but are still reasonably inexpensive.
Check that the resolution of the image you’re buying will be large enough to print clearly on your sized wall.
For a lower budget, stock images are a great option.
Usually the larger the supergraphic, the more expensive the image.
However, when compared to buying large scale original artwork with similar visual impact, the cost is typically significantly less.
The downside is that you might see the same image in other places. It won’t be unique.

2. Buy a Image from a Photographer’s own Stocks:
Photographers often have their own stock of images which they’ve taken across a range of subjects.
Usually they’re more than willing to sell you an image file from their archives for this type of use.
It can be an inexpensive way of getting something which is not only professionally produced but is different from the more generic stock photos.

3. Engage a Professional Image Maker:
For a more personal, targeted approach, engage a professional photographer or graphic designer to take or create images of a subject you want: landscapes, abstracts or imagery which might refer to your company's branding.
Supplying information about the type of installation will allow the professional photographer or graphic designer to tailor the image to the application and get it right.
Of course, this is a more expensive option, but the result is a wall image that is entirely yours.

Some Useful Tips about Images on Walls:

4. Check the light:
Sometimes, if light is flowing across a wall, when a large format image is applied, imperfections can really stand out.
Choosing images which have a predominance of medium or dark colours and with a busy “pattern” will help hide an irregular wall surface and play down the defects caused by light flow.

5.  Check Cleaning Methods:
In medical centre environments including waiting areas, treatment rooms and corridors, cleaning methods can be fairly aggressive, so test both cleaning agents and the methods of use before making final choices about the surface materials you'll print on.
For heavy wear and tear areas where harsh cleaning agents need to be used, vinyls are a good choice.
Some can stand up to even bleach cleaning agents. Talk to the supergraphic printing company to get some good advice on which material will be best.

Select the supergraphics with some forethought, research which surface will be best to print on and monitor the cleaning methods  - simple processes to achieve a stunning result!

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