Structural Plywood – Versatile, Strong and Sustainable

Structural plywood is much more than a second rate lining product for commercial fitouts.
Its many and varied uses show just how popular it is.

So what is Structural Plywood, exactly?
It’s made from a range of softwood and hardwood veneers laid in a cross grain pattern, one on top of the other and combined with a resin to form a very strong material.

What are some uses for Structural Plywood in a Fitout?
It has a range of uses for counters, tables, seating, display shelving, feature walls, structural walls and floors – the list is long!

It’s robust – for commercial use, it’s a great, durable material. Ply stands up well to the rigours of everyday commercial wear and tear.

It’s sustainable – Most plywood is grown in pine plantations either in Australia or New Zealand which are managed with sustainability as their mission. The low carbon footprint makes it a winning product.

It adds warmth and naturalness to a fitout project – The pale, natural appearance of plywood suits so many types of fitouts, in particular, hospitality and retail.

It’s great to work with – The lightness of structural plywood makes it an easier build than many other materials. Easy handling means cost savings!

Create some exciting ideas using structural plywood for your next fitout.
It’s the next generation material!

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