Get Noticed - Be a Standout Small Business

Getting noticed in business isn’t that hard.
But keeping customers coming back is more difficult.
It’s all about being consistent, reliable and using a few old fashioned approaches with great customer service.
Here’s some tips:

1.  Shop Design:
Be bold with your shop design and layout.
The store frontage has to have that point of difference to appeal and attract.
Create a layout which leads customers through the store, seeing, touching and choosing the merchandise.
Ensure there’s plenty of opportunity for customers to interact with the merchandise and give plenty of visual cues along the way to stop and spend.

2.  Your Brand:
Tell the story of your brand and show it off.
It must talk - in your shop fitout, shopfront displays, your signage, website and all marketing material.
The business logo, colour scheme, fitout design should all speak the same language loudly and be different from the rest.
Make the delivery of your message loud and clear about what your business stands for, what it does and how it’s different.

3.  Inclusiveness:
Be inclusive in the fitout design with things which others might ignore.
Offering facilities like seating for the elderly and disabled, a height-friendly section of the counter for wheelchairs, and aisles which are wide enough for prams and wheelchair users can make your business a standout.

4.  Your Service:
Have a personal approach and be a bit “old school” in giving standout service.
Remember your regular customers’ names, if there’s something wrong, offer to put it right, listen to what your customers say and act on it.
Create special events and invite your loyal customers along, train your staff to know the product(s) well .. in other words, be better than your competitors on all of these service fronts!

Take time to look around, see what others are doing then make a decision to be ten times better!
Your business can be a standout!

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