Spring into Planning Your Commercial Upgrade

Spring has Arrived:

Everyone’s feeling the energy of the new season.

We’re all gearing up and heading towards the heightened activity of Christmas.

Let’s talk about planning ahead to make plain sailing through any ideas you might have to upgrade your business
premises either before, during or beyond this time.
Try to avoid the “Pressure Cooker” experience.

It’s a trap you can get into easily. The “pressure cooker” experience is quickly throwing it all together, turning up the
heat and hoping it all comes out perfectly. Definitely not recommended.

Sometimes we underestimate the time taken to plan, to allocate funds, to get approvals, to engage a builder, and
then to get the new fitout completed.

It’s a management challenge to negotiate through all of these hoops but a good fitout specialist can help.
Reno Logistics

In a commercial premises, think about how the logistics are going to work.
When is the quietest trading time for your business? It’s best to renovate, refit or move during this time when
customers, clients and staff numbers are lowest.
Are you wanting to close over this time or continue trading through?
Talk through this issue with the fitout team. Safety and quality will need to be maintained at all times. The right
procedures to ensure workplace health and safety conditions need to be put in place no matter where or when you do
a renovation or upgrade.Read our post 30.04.14 about trading during a fitout.

Time to Plan

Allow time to get plans organised. Talk to your fitout builder about arranging plans. We’ve mentioned in other posts,
the importance of having a good design and firm plan worked out. During this period, allow time to “walk through”
your design to make sure it suits the needs of your business.
Get the Approvals

Get all the right approvals. Read our other posts about the types of approvals you need. Your fitout builder will
guide you if you’re not sure of what you need.
Get the Costs

Get a firm costing for your commercial upgrade. Good plans will allow that to happen. Naturally there may be some
variables, but you will be able to budget wisely this way. See one of our past posts on Costs 07.08.14.
Try not to take on unnecessary expenses leading up to the fitout. Trim costs as much as you can on areas which may be demolished
or significantly changed in the renovation.

Get the Show on the Road

You’re well on the way now to getting the show on the road!
Spring into action! Talk to your commercial builders sooner than later to make it all happen.

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