A Sign says so Much about Your Business.

Good signage tells customers what your business is about. Good signage gives a reason why customers are looking at your business services or products. Good signage needs to have personality and clarity. Good signage needs to look professional.

Here's some more "must haves" when looking at business signage :

The Headline:
Each sign needs a headline to capture a customer's interest enough to read it;
pretty much like reading a newspaper it's always the headline on the front page which sells the papers.

The Colour:
The sign should be designed around the colour and style of your branding.
So choice of colour isn't necessarily an open book.
If your signature colours are yellow or blue, then an orange and green colour scheme isn't speaking for your business.
Be mindful of carrying through your branding colours to the end.

This is a point not to be missed.
Generally, if there's not enough contrast, you can't read it!
Background colour and text or graphics should offer a considerable contrast in order for the signage to be readable at a distance and in a split second.
If your brand's colours don't offer enough contrast, then there are tricks to make it all work: for instance, including a drop shadow will make the text stand out.

The Message:
Work on the premise that you've only got a nanosecond to capture interest, so get to the point immediately.
Edit and re-edit so that your choice of words is "on-message".
These days everyone is so used to framing and reading messages on twitter or their phone, so limiting words should be second nature.
Sometimes a picture can paint a thousand words, so text isn't even necessary.

The Call to Action:
If possible, create a goal for your customers to achieve something by reading the sign.
Remember, it has to lead people in; it serves as an advertisement to get your customer to act.
So get them motivated to take that one step further.

Don't skimp on signage.
It's one of the first impresssions your business can make on potential customers.
Make it a priority to make signage work for you.

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