Time to set some 2017 Goals for a New Start to the Year

So it’s already 2017.
Time to set some goals.
Time to make a list.

  1. Renovate the fitout- make it a 2017 goal to freshen up your business premises.
    Look around at your fitout and resolve to make some changes, big or small.
    Whether they are tiny tweaks or big moves, the new year should bring a sense of freshness and a new start. Get going on some “re’s”: repaint, remove, recycle, regenerate, re-invigorate, renovate, whatever is feasible to give your business premises a lift into 2017.
  2. Re-focus and become more productive.
    Look at which tasks are time guzzlers for you or your staff. What are the main distractions and how can they be removed? If you are always repeating the same mundane tasks which don’t really achieve much on the bottom line, then make it a goal to look into ways of streamlining them so you can spend more of your time working on your business.
  3. Resolve to manage cash flow more effectively.
    Small business owners have lots of highs and lows in their cash flow throughout the year. With cash in and cash out at all different times, it’s sometimes hard to generate enough capital to invest back into the business. Keep an eye on day to day flows and set some 2017 goals to put funds aside for re-investment.
  1. Resolve to communicate more effectively.
    Delegating tasks, sorting out employee issues, talking to clients - whatever it is, work on being a clear, careful, always-polite and forever proactive communicator.
  2. Re-focus on marketing.
    Resolve to look after your current clients better than ever before and work on getting new ones. Is your existing method of finding new clients working well enough? Does 2017 hold some innovative ways of going about getting new business?  Are you doing any social media marketing or any pay-per-click advertising?
  1. Rejuvenate your website.
    Freshen it up with up to date information, images, contact details. Take a close look to see if it needs more than that – a complete overhaul perhaps?

List done.
Now’s the time to make some workable changes to your small business.
Which goals are you going to kick in 2017?

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