Do I have the right Plans & Approvals for my Food Licence?

Preparing and serving food in a coffee shop, restaurant, bakery, takeaway or similar food business?
In a fixed location?
You'll most probably need a food licence before you start to trade.
Check on the local council’s website to make sure you meet the right requirements, but for most operators, it will mean obtaining a food licence is the only legal way to go.

So, it'll be a Package of Plans to lodge with the council that looks something like this:
A Site Plan showing where the premises is located in its surroundings
A Floor Plan which shows the layout of all equipment, benches, seating, fittings and fixtures, doors, windows, toilet facilities, traffic flow
Sections: these are plans which “cut through the space” and show details of benches, equipment and fixtures
A Mechanical Ventilation Plan showing how you are going to extract cooking fumes as well as general ventilation details
A Hydraulics (Plumbing) Plan which shows all of the plumbing points and trade waste.
A Ceiling Plan showing lighting positions, heights of ceilings and bulkheads
A Footpath Dining Plan

After this package has been lodged, a Council Health Officer will usually conduct an initial review to confirm that all the boxes have been ticked.
If this process runs smoothly, Council will approve your food licence application.
You’re then good to go to start your food premises fitout!

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