Retailers give 5 Wise Ways to Get Ahead

 Many of our clients are retailers.

We speak to them all the time about how their businesses work.
We need to know so that we can achieve the best from the commercial fitouts we build for them.

Here's what they're telling us about the best ways to get ahead in retailing:
1. "Make the Customer the Focus not Technology" - the customer should be the centre of your business.
Everything you do must revolve around them.
Get to know them, focus on them in everything you do.
That will help you grow your business and your team.
Technology is absolutely essential to how a retail business works, but don't make it king.
It's part of the equation and will continue to change the retail world, but the customer is the most important.

2. "Think Location, location, location a retail basic!"
Pick the right spot for your business and fitout.
Being in the right place has a major impact on your success.
What's your brand? What's your product?
How much parking do you need for customers?
Think visibility, approach, your business neighbourhood and don't be seduced by how cheap or expensive the rent is.

3. "Check the Blind Spots in your Retail Fitout" -  make sure your store has no blind spots which can be security hazards.
It comes down to good planning of the store layout.
Antitheft control for both customers and staff is of great importance.
Make sure you develop procedures to not only prevent shoplifting by customers but also, sadly, by some unscrupulous staff members.

4. "Choose Staff with Talent and Promise" - value talent over process.
Make sure your best, most talented staff work with customers the most, particularly at peak times.
Nurture talent by supplying training and incentives to staff.
Such things make them more valuable and also more valued.

5. "Never Stop Researching"-  learn, learn, learn about your market and your product opportunities.
Research your sales, your own customers and who they are, your competitors and their customers.
Research various styles of selling techniques and customer service ....the list goes on.
Very simply, research  sales, marketing, merchandising, staff and even yourself.
Never stop researching.

Expert Advice can help turn your store around.
Even if it's one of these 5 wise ways, it'll be worth it!


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