Retailers: 5 Types of Christmas Shoppers Coming Your Way

Christmas shopping is in full swing.

Our retail clients are continuing to notice how shopper behaviour is changing.
Broadly speaking, there's 5 different shopper types, each with varying needs.
Here's how to make your shop fitout, merchandise display and customer service shine for them.

1. The organised shopper.
They've made a list, done heaps of research online and know what they're heading for.
No stretching out the shopping experience for this customer, they'd rather be in and out as quickly as possible.
Hints for this shopper type:
Make sure you have clear signage, directional traffic flow through the shop, categorised merchandise display and efficient transaction processing.

2. The browser.
Unlike the organised shopper, this person has more time to wander and at best, has only a very basic idea of what they're looking for.
Hints for this shopper type: Ensure traffic flow through the store takes them past most or all of your merchandise, organise the merchandise in "gift suggestion" groups, light up the retail space to maximise its appeal, offer help and suggest as much as you can. Personalising their experience could mean they will end up being returning loyal customers.

3. The loyal customer.
One who is always faithful to your business, and may even like to buy several gifts at once in your store.
What a dream shopper!
This customer loves being recognised by you, and praised (in a subtle way) for being loyal.
Hints for this shopper type:
Treat them well, offer a discount for their loyalty, free gift wrapping, for instance.
Keep your merchandising display attractive and ever-changing.
Always ensure the retail fitout is well laid out and fresh so they keep on returning.

4. The manic, last minute shopper.
This person may not emerge till Xmas Eve.
They've had their mind on other things and now are frantic.
Whilst you could hardly call them "engaged shoppers", their ready to spend.
Time is running short for them.
Hints for this shopper type:
Ensure clear traffic flow through the store past the stock, well grouped merchandise display, great "gift suggestion" displays and efficient transaction processing.
Be as helpful as possible and take the opportunity of upselling: two for one or gift wrapping with a card.

5. The impulse buyer.
No need to heap lots of encouragement on this customer, they're already motivated!
Hints for this shopper type:
Have the merchandise looking its absolute best, enhance it with great lighting and great signage.
Display your best gift stock near the entry point and position impulse "add ons" at the point of sale.
Upsell extras like gift wrapping or home delivery.

It can add up to Instore shopping being a pleasant experience for everyone.

Breathe easy when the doors are closed on Christmas Eve, knowing that you've been in tune with all your customers.

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