Create a Country Retail Fitout Style that speaks the Brand

Retail store fitouts need to be more successful than ever to survive the online competitors. Their style needs to “speak the brand” and create a lasting experience to keep the customer engaged and coming back.
Creating a fitout style with the comfort of country, with a French flavour of homeliness and warmth suits many brands, especially when it comes to café, deli, fashion, gift and bookstore fitouts.
Catch these useful designer’s tools to get the look:

Walls & Floors:
Using anything from this list will be a great start:
Stone, exposed brick or raw timber, irregular and patchy plaster for walls, rustic flooring of any sort -whether it be old timber boards, brick or paving, or concrete which is genuinely old or made to look that way.

Timber “VJ” style boards, or expressed timber beams are great, but pressed metal sheeting also creates an old effect with very little installation issues. If you think that the ceiling isn’t right for featuring, then paint it out in a very dark colour and let it fade away.

Display Shelving & Furniture:
Think imperfect or lived-in when choosing items:
The emphasis for furniture is on a rustic feel. Source furniture for displaying stock which looks natural or is painted in a low gloss to show off its naturalness. Timber pieces in a dull waxed finish are perfect too for this look. Stripped and painted display cabinets can look amazing in a soft blue or green, or even white. Tables with rough timber tops and metal bases are a great find.  Once chosen, ensure the things on display look plentiful and generous.

The Counter:
Look into combining 2 materials like these for a great service counter:
A pressed metal front with a timber top,  an old brick base with an aged metal/stainless steel top, a stone front with timber top, or panelled timber base with a stone or timber top – all of these create the Country/French feel. As long as they are a little worn and aged, they’ll be just perfect!

So think warm, casual, rustic and welcoming.
Tag them to create that country- look retail fitout to suit the brand!

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