Restaurant and Café Signage – 5 Useful Pointers

Signage tells your business story.
It’s not just about a name, but it shows who, where and what you’re about.
Signs that show what you can offer to those who may not know your brand are on a winner.

Here’s 5 useful pointers:

1. Make yourself known:
Customers should be able to tell from a reasonable distance what type of business you are.
Being exclusive and ambiguous is usually risky behaviour.
Unless your brand is in the upper stratosphere and highly recognised by a very wide audience, then there’s not a lot of point in being secretive and hidden.
Signage is your voice on the street.
Using solid walls or expanses of glazing for impact-laden branding, or clever oversized graphics is a way of giving an obvious insight into what your café or restaurant is about.

2.Convey your Point of Difference:
No doubt, you’ve already thought about setting your café or restaurant apart from the rest.
Remember, signage is continuous advertising for your business so it needs to reflect the right message, the uniqueness and the quality of the operation.
It’s a crowded marketplace in food delivery with product and service differentiation hard to sustain, so demonstrating that you are different is paramount.

3.Design for a Quick Grab:
Easy to read signage is a must. In reality, passers by have only a few seconds to notice and then react to what they see.
Therefore colour, shape, font style, positioning and overall size are a priority.
There’s a good reason why fonts have varying weights, from regular to bold. They give priority or preference to the message.
In saying this, words aren’t the only way to convey the message.
Sometimes a simple graphic incorporated into the message will be a quick and very effective attention-grabber.

4.Keep Consistency and Continuity:
These are two key factors which come into play when there’s more than one café or restaurant under the brand.
Keep in mind your plans for expansion when it comes to signage design.
It may be that future premises will have very different locations and shopfronts, yet your signage will need to be recognisably consistent.
So designing a font, colour scheme and shape with this in mind might mean you don’t have to back track and change elements later.
It's worth keeping in mind that customers develop confidence and trust in the brand if it’s consistent.

5.Follow the Rules:
Check Body Corporate and Planning Regulations.
There may be rules which apply from these bodies.
Check if you need approval before starting out.
Sizing, positioning, the use of light boxes, material selection and the local environs are a few factors which might have restrictions.
Heritage requirements may also be involved if the building falls under that banner.

It's all about making a statement that's clean and clear.
Keep it a part of the good business planning you do as a matter of course.



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