Ready to hop on the Swings and Roundabouts of Being an Entrepreneur?

Becoming a successful entrepreneur relates to a great deal of hard work, innovative thinking, and a heap of endurance.
The rewards can be big, but you need to give up a lot of what is reliable and comfortable before you reap them.
It’s a process of swings and roundabouts.
What you win on one, you might lose on the other.

The Swings:
Ahhh Freedom to be your own boss!
There’s no longer anyone looking over your shoulder, no threats by colleagues of taking your job. All decisions can be yours. Freedom is a huge drawcard for budding entrepreneurs to start their own business. It’s about being able to determine the working hours and working environment that suit your qualities and ambitions.

Choosing when and where you work can be so liberating!
Managing your own calendar, juggling personal and family responsibilities are for you alone. Being free to travel or take a break can be a definite benefit of being an entrepreneur. You are the one who's in control!. There’s no one above you to get permission from!

Choosing the type of work you want:
So you’re working with the brand you’ve created.
That means you need to focus only on the type of work which furthers that brand.  Being an entrepreneur means that you have full control. It should amount to targeting a particular type of work and rejecting other jobs which aren’t going to be of much use to your business brand.

Being able to Explore:
Getting to meet other thinkers and fellow entrepreneurs who face challenging business scenarios is a big opportunity. Having knowledge and understanding of the big picture of how business is actually being done gives rise to exploring new opportunities, technologies and advancements from a high level.

Income Potential:
There’s great promise for a big income because as an entrepreneur - you’ll be committed and focused on all your projects. It may be that you don’t actually earn much in the first year or three, and that income won’t reflect the hours you put in, but the potential of taking a large share of the profits is there.

The Roundabouts:
Forget all about a neat 9 to 5 working day:
Think excessive hours!
The hours you put in could be off the charts. You’ll work harder than just about everyone you know trying to create a successful business.

Your time’s not going to be your own:
You’ll need to be available pretty much all of the time – Launching a business usually means there aren’t extra funds to hire too many staff – sometimes no staff at all. You might need to be the “jack of all trades” at the start to cater for anything and everything that comes along.

It can be lonely at the top:
Enjoying the perks of leadership and entrepreneurship is great but many don’t really enjoy the outcome. It can be a lonely space out there.  Long hours  can be isolating and there is only one place to lay the blame if failure arises. Many entrepreneurs see days blur together just because there’s no clear separation between work and non-work time.

Turn up the Stress-o-meter:
Everything falls on you : you’re in charge of marketing, advertising, sales, customer services, buying, employees, human resources,  stock, inventory, and everything else related to keeping your business afloat. Stress levels can reach skyrocketing heights. Being disciplined to balance it out with some leisure time is a must for survival.

Take a Hit to the Hip Pocket:
All expenses and overhead costs that have anything to do with the business get to be yours!
There’ll be hard times when sales are low, so be prepared to make personal sacrifices to be able to keep the business afloat till finances turn upwards again.

If having the time, plenty of energy, a willingness for hard work and persistence are yours, and you’re realistic about the swings and roundabouts of the entrepreneurial journey, then, you can do it!

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