Ready to do the Heavy Lifting in your start- up? A Quiz.

Whether you're thinking of becoming a  "mumpreneur" , "youngpreneur" or just an "entrepreneur"
then here's a quick quiz to test whether you're up to it or not.

Got the Passion?
Believing in the product or the service you're going to offer and seeing it through is what it's all about.
If you get out of bed each morning excited to begin your business day, then the passion's there.
Having a strong belief in the business and understanding that you need to be upbeat about it, even on the cloudy days is a key requirement.

Are you persistent?
There's no room for the "knock me back and I'm outta here" type.
Keeping going when the clouds are gathering is essential.
Making nothing or very little in the first year or two is the reality of many start ups, so you've got to have persistence to make it through.

Good at setting deadlines and keeping them?
If you're the type of person who doesn't listen to your own demands, then forget it.
Knuckling down to a task at even the most inconvenient of times or doing insignificant and monotonous things is part of the deal.
Self discipline is an absolute must!

Good at networking?
Putting yourself out there to link up and learn from others needs confidence.
Heaps of businesses falter from lack of support.
You'll need to team up with others who know and understand what it's like to be in small business.
Search out a mentor who can help you along.

Willing to keep on Innovating?
It's all moving so fast out there.
"Create", 'Refresh' and 'Re-invent'  have to be prominent  in your vocabulary.
Being on the lookout for new ideas, new products, being able to vary ways of presenting the same service or product,
making changes if something isn't working well enough these are likely things you'll need to do, even in the first year of your start up.
You won't ever be standing still.

Are you resourceful?
Finding a new market, knowing how to branch into a new supplier base or solving a problem when you've got limited funds,
no assistance or not a lot of time - all of these require thinking beyond the square and drawing on your creative spirit.
Have you got the resourcefulness to make it all work when this happens?

Answer YES to all of these,  and it would seem you've got what it takes!

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