The Pop Up Shop - 5 Good Reasons

The Retail Space is changing. No denying that.

Communications are fast, consumers are savvy and availability of goods needs to be more like 24/7 rather than 8 till 6 or 9 to 5.

So what we're seeing on the retail scene is a new "Try before you Buy" outlook.
It's the forerunner to a longer term shop fitout.
Not a bad idea given that many retailers need to commit to a long term lease in a shopping precinct and are looking for as much certainty as possible.

Why go down the "Pop Up" road? It's a waste of time and money isn't it?
Not necessarily at all, we believe.

Here's some good reasons why:

Pop Ups are a great way of testing your products.
They are a great way of doing hard core research on real customers in real situations.
Many retailers we speak to find this helpful prior to going to the next step of a shop fitout.
Get the product right then, time to focus on the shop fitout.

Pop Ups are a great way of testing the location.
You may already be operating online and are looking to set up a commercial retail outlet. Then the Pop Up may be the way to go.
Your research will probably tell you where to locate your "test shop".
A short term stint can save you from signing up on a long term lease in the wrong spot.
You can also benefit from meeting your customers and establishing a face to face relationship with them.

Pop Ups are a great way of testing a re-branding of your product or business.
For small businesses, in particular, a new look, a new brand or a simple refresh is important to stay alive in the marketplace.
So that you'll be more certain of customer response to a new logo, colour scheme or name, a pop up shop showing off your new look can be a successful testing ground.

Pop Ups are a great way of moving excess stock or dealing with a slow season.
Some retailers create a pop up shop for stock placement in a new marketplace altogether.
But beware of looking too temporary or under-done. It may be a temporary mini fitout but it must still speak your brand.
It can be simple but has to be eye catching!

Pop Ups are a great way of being creative.
Let your imagination fly.
A well designed bricks and mortar retail shop fitout will still build your brand and encourage customer loyalty, but it's more for the long term.
So for an interim "testing of the retail waters", be creative. Add some energy into your launch.
One idea could be to even create a pop up event for your business. Invite new customers along, create a competition, a parade of products, a demonstration of your products.
Engage in some Blue Sky thinking and you'll come upĀ  with some wild ideas!

A word of advice for all pop ups: plan your budget. It still costs, so take care of your budget allocation.

That done, go for it. Test your new market, launch a new product, try your new branding look.
Shout out that something new is on the horizon!


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