Pay Attention to the Big 3 Players in a Commercial Fitout

When you’re deciding on a new commercial fitout for your business, you’ll be looking to tick some boxes on bringing it in on time, value for money and quality of the design and build.
It is important to pay attention to these big 3 players to get all those boxes ticked.

Start your planning early. Good timing is the key.
Map out a realistic time frame to cover all phases of the fitout.
Have your lease terms and conditions sorted well before construction.
There might be changes, base building issues, a weather or delivery hold up, – whatever the case, time is important. Delays can lead to larger and costly issues.
If you’re moving a large business operation with lots of staff and/or stock storage facilities, then the plans to move need to start well before the intended date.
Allow plenty of time for designing the new fitout, plenty of time for the fitout to take place, plenty of time for working out the logistics of moving everything over and then some “settling in” time.
Large business organisations usually need around 9 - 12 months for the whole process.
Smaller businesses still need to allow a few months from start to finish.

Be realistic about how much you can afford. Include a budget for things like air conditioning, lighting and IT infrastructure which can be significant costs and which all need to work from day one.
Usually the simplest and cheapest option is to make use of existing things like flooring, ceilings, electrical fittings and plumbing fixtures, but discuss the benefits and disadvantages of this with your designer or fitout team.It may be that keeping them is not as financially or aesthetically advantageous as first thought.
Usually some demolition is involved unless the space is completely new, so be sure to allow for the cost of removing existing structures or fixtures in your budget.
Always have a budget contingency. Miscellaneous expenses pop up, even if you have planned everything well. Unforseen changes will occur, so put some aside for them.

Using the services of a quality commercial interior designer for your fitout plans is advisable to achieve the detailed documentation needed to cost the project.
Well detailed plans mean accurately costed projects so that you know before any construction starts, if your budget is on track.
The design needs to be functional, aesthetically pleasing, to pay attention to the smallest details, comply with building codes and be able to be executed with a builder’s mindset.
It is best when using a designer, that both the construction and design teams work in partnership to look at the most cost effective methods to reach the best possible result for their client.
Many designers specialise in particular areas of fitout: medical/dental, retail, office and so on. It’s wise to do your homework to find the right one.

Talk to your fitout team to discuss in detail, the objectives of your business changes.
That way, you’ll ensure the best path is chosen for you to achieve a successful fitout.

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