New Healthcare & Living Ideas for the Ageing

We hear all the time that Australia has an ageing population. Constantly we need to develop new ideas to care for a large part of our community.

Here's some innovative concepts we've come across which will make life better for the aged and ageing.

Smart Walls Protecting :
Minimising spread of fire,  spread of infection and unwanted sound are high priorities in health and aged care.
Some of our largest board suppliers like Boral and CSR are developing wall linings which provide high mould and allergy resistance, ideal for specialised healthcare.
Absolute great products for our healthcare work.
As well, boards with very high fire and impact resistance are being improved and are now being demanded in aged and healthcare fitouts.
Wall board acoustics with very high ratings are on the market right now.

Sensor Flooring giving Security:
How great is this:
Flooring which detects impact and movement.
A product out of Finland, Elsi® Smart Floor is an invisible system which sends an electric signal running through the flooring and picks up pressure from someone moving or walking.
It is said to be especially useful in addressing the frequency and impact of falls. For instance if a person has taken a fall, along with a range of other motions, staff can respond quickly, particularly during the night and even identify changes in that person's behaviour, such as wandering.
What a boost to nursing care and supervision!

Light Switches killling Bacteria:
How's this for minimising the spread of Infection:
A short listed Good Design Award contender in 2015, Legrand, has developed light switch plates with powerful anti-microbial properties, so that when you touch them, it's around 99% likely that harmful bacteria types are already dead in the water!
They've embedded these anti microbials into the actual plate material. Very clever technology!

Aged Living  Going Vertical & Communal:
Look back to March 24th blog when we talked about Australian schools going vertical.
Well, it's not stopping there - so is Senior living.
Back in the day, the only way to build facilities for the aged was out.... Now it's up!
Sprawling retirement facilities are too expensive, often too isolating and totally  unsustainable.
Already multi -level seniors developments called Vertical Villages are popping up in our capital cities.
They'll offer different services to become a community hub. Definitely not just retirement living and disability  accommodation, but retail tenancies,  even community meeting spaces and  workplaces for people of all ages to conduct business.
The full community service.

Great innovative thinking to help such a large and valuable part of our social network!

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