The Modern Office Kitchen - It's now a Focal Point.

The modern office kitchen is now a true focal point.
It's being designed to double up as a social hub.
Today, much more than a place to unwrap your sandwiches or grab a coffee, it’s taking the stage as a collaborative meeting point, a chill-out space and a networking area.

Here’s some key pointers to inject function, flexibility and energy into the office kitchen space:

Health, Well Being and Hygiene:
People spend a large part of their day at the office, so health and wellbeing need to play a big role.
Ensure the kitchen is well set up will encourage staff to eat their breakfast and lunch in house.
Make use of as much natural light as possible, introduce plenty of greenery and use colours that energise.
Build in appliances like coffee maker, microwave, dishwasher, oven and cooktop with extraction hood to streamline the kitchen and keep it more hygienic for everyone.
Build in waste bins which separate recycled items from other waste for hygienic and environmental responsibility.
Bench tops should be impervious, so use a “solid surface material” of which there are several brands for best results.
If using a laminate, make sure edgings are seamless with no joints.

The office kitchen must have plenty of storage facilities for staff to store and prepare their own meals.
Provide a large fridge so that home prepared lunches can be stored in containers easily.
This encourages people to bring healthier options from home.
A large pantry for storage of dry goods is important too. Allow plenty of room for separation of owners’ personal food items and containers.
Pull out shelves are a great option to access every part of the pantry system.

Seating Choices:
Recognising that the office kitchen is a gathering place for several purposes translates into how it’s furnished.
Seating should be flexible enough to encourage collaboration between all levels of staff.
An overall culture of equality can result in everyone feeling happier and more valued.
With people engaging and unwinding in the space, offering varied seating options to cater for eating, working and casual socializing is important.
It stands to reason that quick “grab n go” coffees will demand a different type of seating from longer “chill out” lunches,  collaborative meeting formats of office social club events.
So offer seating options like stools, communal pods, comfortable chairs and built in banquettes to cater for the mix.
Use innovative screening to differentiate between the working/meeting area and the food prep/lunch area.

Applying these ideas can make the office kitchen a desirable place to go - an energised space, a retreat from the desk and a great spot to socialise.

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