A Material Made to Last in a Commercial Fitout

Solid Surface - Made to Last in a Fitout

Ever heard of a material you can use for countertops, benchtops, form into a basin or sink or feature as wall panels,
that won’t scratch or stain, has no visible joins, needs absolutely minimal maintenance and will last in a commercial
You may have, but don’t recognise it.

It’s called “Solid Surface”. You might know it by one of its brand names:
DuPont “Corian”, Samsung “Staron”, Laminex "Freestyle” or LG "Hi Macs” to name a few.
Solid Surface materials are winners in the longevity stakes, that’s something your fitout builder will definitely vouch for!

It’s durable

Service Counters almost anywhere take a beating. In a Retail Fitout, Café, Bar or Restaurant Fitout, Food Courts or
Kiosks, solid surface counter tops are king.
Imagine how many transactions and how much preparation takes place on them, how much scraping, scratching, cutting, sliding occurs.
Consider the constant wear and tear particularly in School and University laboratories and in Dental and Medical
surgeries, where benchtops and sinks undergo constant use and are subject to fairly harsh chemicals.
Solid surface is very often the material of choice.

And Reception counter tops in Office Fitouts, Surgeries, Hospitals, Hotels – it’s solid surface again. Not to mention
residential kitchens and bathrooms.
A very durable material of choice.

It’s repairable

Fitout Builders love Solid Surface for another reason too in a commercial fitout.
Any damage or long- term wear can be repaired on site with the material able to be re-joined and glued, then buffed and polished so it’s completely
renewed. It doesn’t have to leave home and doesn’t disrupt business.

It’s transportable

Its other uses are many, but a great one is that it can be formed into soft curves or sharp angles, in fact, heaps of
shapes for feature panels, particularly in a retail shop or as part of a shopfront.
In terms of design, the sky’s almost the limit. If the panels are too large to transport in a lift or through passageways,
then they can be brought in as smaller components and joined on site. Who doesn’t love that about it?

Technical Stuff

What’s Solid Surface made from? Without getting too technical, it’s a marriage of high level technology and polymer
resins brought together to produce high strength and an ability to be non-porous.

What’s the cost?

Ok, so everyone wants to know the cost?
Well, it’s not the cheapest sheet on the fitout builder’s shelf.
It sits alongside the cost of engineered stone and above laminate and timber. Of course the latter are not easily
repairable or renewable, so long term, it comes into its own on the cost side.

So, it’s a material for the longer term, not the quick turnaround. It’s built to be renewed and to last. Depending upon
on the longevity of your fitout, it is one for definite consideration.
Worth checking out!

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