Making your Medical Waiting Area User Friendly

When we wait, wherever we are – waiting for the bus, for our children to be picked up from school, for our coffee to be made – we occupy ourselves by looking at our phones, our iPads or laptops. Rarely these days are we satisfied by waiting with no entertainment or activity, we want to be entertained or occupied wherever we can.

This is particularly the case for those waiting in medical waiting rooms.

Gone are the days of patients being satisfied by flipping through old National Geographic magazines or medical pamphlets. Patients want more. They want wifi to read their emails, check facebook or upload a photo to Instagram, they want facilities to occupy their children, and they want seating and table space to allow them to multi-task.

The logical progression for medical and dental waiting areas is to cater for this by providing user friendly facilities within their waiting areas.

AC Fitouts specialises in incorporating user friendly facilities into medical waiting areas. We know how to incorporate well located data points for patients to utilise, integrate wifi facilities, establish children’s play nooks, and provide compatible seating and tables for multi-tasking.

By incorporating user friendly facilities into medical waiting areas, patients can experience a new level of comfort. They are entertained, more relaxed prior to appointments and enjoy the overall experience so much more.

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