Are You Making the Most of your Brand - A Yes / No Quiz

What's your brand saying about your business?

It's easy to slip into the comfort zone of running your "business as usual" and not paying attention to what's out there happening in the market place with your brand.
It's also easy to not pay enough attention to what's being said about your brand on social media.

Here's a quick Yes/No Quiz to help keep you brand-focused:

1. Is your branding consistent across all areas of your marketing? Yes/No.
Hint: Pay attention to the logo, signage, marketing collateral for a start.
Make sure the same type fonts, the same formats, colour schemes are used in your marketing material, signage etc.

2. Does your fitout reflect your branding? Yes/No
Hint: If your products or services are pitched at the high end, casual, urban or budget end of the market, ensure that your fitout speaks this language.

3. Do you make your products or services desirable to own or have? Yes/No.
Hint: Take pride in what you sell or what services you perform and convey that to your customers.
Making things desirable is a most important aspect of successful branding

4. Do you reward your customers in any way? Yes/No
Hint: A loyalty programme, special product releases, pre-release sale itemsĀ are just the beginning.
Think about social media tools available to your business.
Take time to use them.
Promote the value of having repeat customers.
Warning: don't overshare by using customers' information randomly or wrongly.

5. Does your brand benefit the "local" community? Yes/No
Hint: These days it's all about "being local" and reinventing a sense of local community.
Take time to form some links to your local community by showing what your core business values really are by actively participating in creating a close knit group.
Your "local community" may be an online group, so form a bond with them.
This should help you to focus on your brand so that you are mindful of "speaking" to your customers at every touch point.
Take steps to map out a clear vision of not only your brand, but your customer base.

Once done, then you'll be able to choose what you really need to say.
Then, say it!

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