Make your Shopfront Window & Merchandising Displays Work - 6 Tips

It’s Autumn.
A new season.
The perfect time to think about creating some great shopfront window and merchandising displays in your retail space.
Here’s 6 useful tips:

Boost the Brand.
Make sure the shopfront window and merchandising displays represent your business brand.
When customers enter, they should be familiar with the brand, having seen, smelt and heard cues about it.
Displays in the window, throughout the store and at the point of sale should reinforce the brand.

Think Themes.
A great display is centred around a theme.
In the case of autumn, popular ideas probably involve fallen leaves, bare branches and autumn colours.
Using a softer light in an effective way can denote the seasonal change from the brightness of summer.
Think beyond the square to find novel ways of merchandising.

Speak Space.
Give particular items space to “celebrate” their value.
Avoiding a cluttered display often delivers a perception of greater value, even if items don’t carry a hefty price tag.
There is no hard and fast rule about how you actually display the stock, but definitely avoid the temptation to put everything out on show.

Shop-within-a- Shop.
Create some mini shops within-a-shop to attract customer interest.
Arrange merchandise so that customers can take a journey through your store, passing by interesting collections of stock.
Neatly packaged mini shops will allow customers to browse and buy in well put together and edited arrangements of the stock.

Keep it simple.
A well-balanced display is uncluttered.
No need to showcase your entire product line in the window display so simplify and prioritize the products which represent your brand. Too many items can confuse the viewer who may lose interest and walk away.
Make this your mantra: Less is more.

Keep it Slow.
Devise some “speed bumps” to slow customers down…. not literally of course!
Provide some visual breaks with  signage and/ or special displays featuring particular complimentary products on the journey through the store.
Make it easy for customers to see and figure out how these items can go well together.

It’s more important now than ever to draw in customers from your shopfront window display right through to the merchandising displays at the back of the store.
The new season invites you to be creative!

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